Harmless Practical Jokes That'll Crack You Up Like Crazy

Harmless Practical Jokes
Do you like playing jokes and pulling pranks on other people? Well, here are some practical jokes that are completely harmless to play on your friends in school.
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Nearly each and every one of us has gone through school and college with a practical joke or prank having been played on us. For those few seconds, rarely do we end up seeing the funny side of it. And almost always, we spend the next few hours (or even the entire night) thinking of ways to get back at the prankster by pulling a prank of our own. Well, for all you like-minded readers out there, here are some harmless and extremely humorous practical jokes and prank ideas to try out on your friends and schoolmates.

Mouse Trap
This one's a very simple prank idea and quite a common one too. Gone are the days of using a computer mouse with the roller underneath. Today, nearly each and every computer user prefers using an optical computer mouse (regardless of whether it is wired or wireless). In this prank idea, all you need to do, is stick a small piece of paper on the underside of the mouse, so that it covers the optical sensor. Fix the paper in place with the help of scotch tape. Since the paper will block the optical sensor from registering any mouse movement whatsoever, the person will end up moving the mouse endlessly, frantically, and later, desperately, only to discover that the cursor stays put at a particular position on the screen. Once you've had your dose of fun, you can simply peel off the piece of paper and presto! The mouse starts working again. Try it out!

Smelly Desk
This one was played by a few of my classmates (needless to say, including yours truly) on one of our school teachers. We had a cane dustbin in a corner of the classroom that was always filled with shredded paper, scrap, etc. It was the last week of school and we decided to play a joke on one of our language teachers. One of the guys had managed to lay his hands on a powdered form of clothes washing ingredient (and whose name I just can't recollect, however hard I try). He sprinkled that powder all over the dustbin contents and placed the dustbin under the teacher's desk. After the teacher had entered the class and had taken her place at her desk, another fellow secretly crawled underneath her desk and squeezed a couple of fresh lemons onto that chemical powder. The chemical reaction was instantaneous, and the byproduct was a whole lot of rotten-egg-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas! Needless to say, the class erupted in laughter and the teacher was embarrassed as hell. Chemistry enthusiasts, I think you may have figured out what that mysterious powder would have been. If you have, drop me a comment so that I'll know too!

Here are a few more prank ideas that won't pose any harm to your 'victim', but are sure to give you a good laugh. Take a look:
  • Using a needle, make a few holes at the bottom and at the sides of a plastic disposable teacup. When someone asks for a cup of tea, coffee, or water, give him/her that cup and watch in glee as the liquid rolls down his/her hand.
  • Using scotch tape, attach a long, thin black thread to a $100 bill and leave it on the ground, such that any passerby will notice it easily. The moment a passerby notices it, he will in all probability, glance around himself first and then bend down to quickly pocket it. At that very moment, pull on the thread and draw the bill away from him. If he tries again, repeat the action and enjoy a few good laughs at the poor man's expense.
  • Another simple thing you can do is jumble up the copy of the class timetable which is put up in the staff room. It's not a massive prank as such, but it will certainly cause a lot of teachers to end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time!
  • And since we're on the subject of jumbling things and schedule, how about sneaking up to the place where the school lunch bell is installed, and ringing it bang in the middle of the day? Now that would cause a fair bit of chaos, wouldn't it?
Well, my friends, these were a few jokes to play when you're in a 'be the prankster' mood. Make sure no one gets hurt though! Have fun!
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