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Harmless Pranks

4 Totally Harmless Pranks You Can Play on Your Best Buddies

A good prank in the one that guarantees a hearty laugh for both, the prankster and victim (i.e., the person at the receiving end). That invariably makes all harmless pranks good pranks to play on people around you.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
When lighthearted and safe, pranks can help in strengthening bonds with smiles and laughter. The best thing about harmless pranks is that they are classics, which, despite the fact that they are in use for many years, continue to fool people. With these classic pranks at your disposal, you won't feel like going for unsafe pranks, like the infamous prank of pouring sugar in the gas tank, or any prank which can hurt someone for that matter.
Shattered Car Window

It's one of the best pranks to play on people who are possessive about their cars. Buy a cheap car window pane, break it into several pieces, and put it on the driver's seat. We would suggest you place the pane on the seat and then break it. Ninety percent work is done. Now just roll down the window on the driver's side of the car, sit back, and enjoy.
When your friend returns, he will be dumbfounded to see that his car window lies shattered on the seat. But then, when he realizes that it was a prank you played on him, he won't be able to stop his laughter.
Weird Keyboard

Here's a classic prank that you can play on people who are not well-versed with computers. You just have to take an old computer keyboard and change the order of keys. It is quite simple. You can use a screw driver to remove the keys―a slight push with the screw driver and they will pop out―and replace them in a random order. Then you can connect the doctored keyboard to the computer.
When the person tries to type something, he will pull his hair out trying to figure out why he is not getting it right. You will have to choose wisely though, as this prank will only work with people who look at the keyboard while typing. Those who are well-versed with typing without looking at keys won't feel any difference.
Yet Another Cell Phone Prank

So you want to play a prank on your cell phone-addicted friend? We have it covered for you. You just need to get hold of your friend's cell phone and replace your name with the name of his or her latest crush. So the trap has been laid. Now you can either give him blank calls or send some text messages, and enjoy him blush.
When you are sure that the person is convinced, you can drop in a message like 'See you in cafeteria at 05:00 tomorrow. Wear blue; it looks beautiful on you. No prize at guessing that you yourself will have a hard time trying to control your laughter when you see him in the cafeteria and that too, wearing blue.
Some Pranks for Kids

When it comes to kids, simpler the pranks, the more will they enjoy. For instance, when you are having your family dinner, you can just put a lemon in your sibling's glass of water when he is not paying attention. The moment he sips in some water, his face will be worth watching. Switching salt with sugar, or vice versa, will also catch your sibling unaware and leave you in splits. Speaking of harmless school pranks, a popular one is wherein you tie your classmate's shoe laces together when they are sitting.
In order to make sure that they don't feel bad about the pranks you played on them, you can involve your victims in your pranks on new targets, such as your parents or neighbors. You need to make sure that the person on whom you are playing these pranks has a good sense of humor and understanding ... or else be ready to run so that he doesn't get his hands on you.