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Utterly Hilarious Pranks

Puja Lalwani Nov 3, 2018
What is life without a little laughter? Pull these hilarious pranks on your friends and give yourself a good laugh!
We've all grown up pulling pranks on friends and family, and in many cases, we've been victims of some deadly pranks ourselves. Even then, we never seem to run out of prank ideas. We look for different hilarious pranks to play on people, friends, or strangers to give ourselves and the people around us a good laugh.
Whether you're just looking for a little fun, or want to take a revenge on a prank played on you, take a look at the list and choose the one that you like the best. Make sure to take necessary precautions before pulling any of these pranks to ensure safety of your friend or family member.
Prank 1: When you're over at your friend's apartment, while he's not looking, tape the receiver to the phone. Now keep calling him from your cell phone and watch him pull his hair off trying to answer the phone.
Prank 2: While working together on a school project, offer to print your friend's assignment. Before printing, replace important words in the assignment with silly words. Remember to choose funny yet decent and inoffensive words. Watch the astonishment on your friend's and professor's face when he reads it aloud in class.
Prank 3: Put some baby powder in your friends hair dryer. Watch him/her fume with anger when he/she switches it on. Imagine having white baby powder on wet hair!
Prank 4: Change the name of your friend's dad in his/her cell phone to that of his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. Induce him/her to text sweet nothings to them. Watch him/her get a good firing when dad calls back after reading those messages.
Prank 5: Do you hate it when your skinny friend keeps complaining about being fat? Inquire about a weight loss program in her name. Have several weight loss clinics and gyms call her each day. Watch her 'lose' sleep on this one and have a good laugh!
Prank 6: Offer your friend a burger. When he/she asks for ketchup, add some baking soda to it, shake the bottle, and hand it over to him/her. Stand back and watch his face get splattered with ketchup. Try to do this one outdoors. Remember to click pictures and post them on Facebook! Ensure that your friend does not hurt in any way during the prank.
Prank 7: For a prank that may last a while, put an open can of sardines or tuna under your friend's car seat. Sit back and watch him try to figure out where the hell the smell is coming from!
Prank 8: Challenge all your friends to a bottoms up with any non-fizzy drink. Before you serve them the drinks, add lots of salt to the drink. Now watch them try to win the challenge!
Prank 9: If you have a brand conscious friend, you're sure to find this prank hilarious. Gift wrap a sweater with a splash of colors and with teddy bears on it, and put it in a bag belonging to a big store, like Benetton. Watch her eyes at the sight of the bag, and the change of expression when he/she opens the gift! This one ought to be captured on camera.
Prank 10: Call your friend from a random number, and pretend to be a girl he knows or had a one night stand with. Tell him 'you're pregnant'. Have another friend video tape the entire situation, and see how he gets sick at the news!
Obviously, the victim of these pranks is not going to find any of these pranks funny. Just remember where to draw the line, however, don't spoil the fun. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while, even if it is at the expense of someone else!