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How to Annoy People

Puja Lalwani Jun 18, 2019
Revenge is sweet! Find out how to annoy people and get back at them for all the times they've done it to you! Else, just have some fun!
So a rubber ducky squeaked when you sat at your desk at work. You tripped on a potted plant you don't remember placing outside your apartment. You had 49 messages waiting on your answering machine, and they were all for Barack Obama!
The world cannot get enough of pranks, and you're not the only victim of everybody's annoying habits or prank ideas. Everyone's annoying each other, randomly or purposely. You may as well join in by learning yourself, the art of annoying people!

Annoying People - Do it Right!

Have a good laugh after trying all these tricks on people you may or may not know!
  • When your roommate is asleep, rearrange all the furniture in his or her room. They're bound to stumble on something when they get up in the middle of the night.
  • Call your best friend and tell her to meet you because you have to tell her something very, very important. When she rushes to meet you and asks what it is, say that you can't tell her until she shaves her head!
  • Try as much as possible, to complete people's sentences when they're talking, especially when they're relating a story or incident.
  • When in queue at a bank, ask the guy ahead of you to hold your folder so you can search for your pistol. Watch his wide-eyed look of shock and burst out laughing on his face!
  • While talking to someone, always say their name at the beginning or the end of a sentence.
  • Keep correcting the pronunciation mistakes people make. It directly hits their ego.
  • When stuck in traffic with a friend, play only music that you know he or she hates.
  • Suddenly burst into tears about the death of an important character in a famous movie. Howl louder when others try to pacify you.
  • When asked questions, answer only in the form of dialogs from movies. For instance, when you're asked what you'd like for dinner, say, "A loaf of bread and a clean collar. What does man want more?" (The Hound of Baskerville).
  • Toss a bag full of pennies at the delivery guy to pay for the large order of pizza for your party!

Annoying People on the Phone

The innovative uses we have made of the telephone, namely prank calls, must be making Mr. Alexander Graham Bell turn in his grave! But it's too late to stop now. Learn how to put this unique invention to great use with some of these funny prank call ideas.
  • When you receive a call, in the middle of the conversation, hold your phone away and keep screaming 'hello!' to pretend you can't hear them, and eventually hang up.
  • Repeatedly call an unknown person's house and ask for a certain Mike, in spite of being told there is no Mike there. After some time, pretend to be Mike and call back to ask if there were any messages for you.
  • Call a random number, and when they answer, tell them that they've won the national lottery (irrespective of whether they bought a ticket or not). Ask them to show up at any place to pick up their 'special' prize!
  • Pretend to be someone taking an important survey that will be beneficial to the country and 'seriously' ask questions like 'If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from? ' and 'Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?'.
  • Follow each statement with 'you're listening right?', and at the end of the conversation ask the person on the other end to repeat the entire conversation to you, just so you know she/he was indeed listening.

Annoying Your Co-Workers

Get back at that pesky co-worker, or just infuse some fun in your mundane work life, by using these pranks to annoy your co-workers.
  • Email your boss saying you're aware of all this 'dark' secrets. Get friendly with his wife at an office gathering thereafter.
  • Keep advising your colleagues on how to perform better at their job, even if you have no knowledge about what they do.
  • Send e-mails to your co-workers telling them what you are doing, every half an hour. For instance 'Going out for lunch now. Will notify you when I return'.
  • Keep your cell phone on vibration mode, and keep calling it with the phone on your desk. The vibrations are a sure shot way to annoy your co-workers.
  • Get creative and use only rhymes while communicating with co-workers over email.
When you master the art of annoying people, and when you can successfully pull off these annoying tricks, life will definitely be beautiful again!
Note: These ideas have been provided for fun. We are not responsible for the consequences of executing them.