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How to Build a Ladder Golf Game All By Yourself and Have Fun

Pragya T Mar 17, 2019
Ladder golf or ladder toss is a fun outdoor game, and construction of this game is pretty easy. Learn how to build a ladder golf game.
Ladder golf is a relatively new game, which is called by many other names too. Some of the names used to refer to this game are lasso golf, ladder ball, hillbilly horseshoes, ladder game, tower ball, zing ball, goofy ball, bola, bolo golf, bolo polo, bolo toss, blongo ball, etc.
This outdoor game for large groups is known by many names, but played the same way, where a player has to swing a bola (two balls connected by a string) and throw it so that it falls on the rung of the ladder.
This lawn game is played between minimum two teams, and the items needed are a set of three bolas. The opposite players need to swing the bolas and throw them on the rungs of the ladder, each rung has different points. To make your own ladder golf game, follow these guidelines enlisted next.

How to Build Ladder Golf

You can involve other teammates and ask them to help out in making the ladder golf game, and make this a fun team games at work activity. The process of building ladder golf is broken down into two different sections here, the first is on how to make the bolas, and second part is to make the ladder using PVC pipes.

Build Your Own Ladder Golf: The Bolas

Required Material

  • For 3 sets of bolas, you will need 9 golf balls
  • 1 long nylon rope
  • Drill
  • Scissor
  • Measuring tape


  • To begin with, cut the nylon rope into 20 inches length.
  • Then, drill the hole in the golf balls. If you don't want the ends to fray, you can burn them using a lighter.
  • Then, just stick the rope through two balls, and secure them with a knot.
  • Repeat for the rest of the balls. This will make a set for one ladder, to make the set for another team repeat the whole process.
  • If you are making ladder golf games for kids, you can use colorful balls and strings too.

Build Your Own Ladder Golf: The Ladder

Required Material

For creating the ladder you will need the PVC pipes, the ladder golf game dimensions for the PVC components are:
  • 6 pieces of ¾" tees
  • 6 pieces of ¾" elbows
  • Around four 5-feet ¾" pipes
  • Saw
  • PVC glue


  • The given items will help to make one ladder of this fun game to play outside.
  • Here, are the steps of ladder golf game plan for making one ladder, once you are done with the first ladder, you can proceed to make the second ladder.
  • To make the first ladder, attach two tees on both side of the 2-feet pipe.
  • Now, put two pieces of 1-foot pipes on the tees, and add two more 1-foot pipes on the tees.
  • Then, you need to add 2 more tees with a 2-feet pipe connection, then join the two elbows and put them on sides of 2-feet pipe.
  • This will help you to create the rungs of the ladder and the pipes that will be joining the base.
  • To make the base for this teamwork game, you will need 4 elbows, five pieces of 2-feet pipes, and two tees.
  • Get one 2-feet pipe and attach it two elbows, then attach two more 2-feet pipes to the open ends of the elbows.
  • Repeat this step again, to form the other end of the base, then join these two ends and the ladder rung using two tees.
  • It is up to you if you wish to use the glue, but just assembling the pieces together will hold the ladder in place, and a ladder made without glue will be easy to assemble and dissemble whenever required.
  • This way you would have created one set of the ladder, to make another ladder follow the given steps again.
These steps were a gist on how to build the ladder golf game. Follow those steps to make your own ladder game, and enjoy playing!