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How to Build a Sandcastle

Loveleena Rajeev Nov 1, 2018
Sandcastles are a joy to build, and an excellent way to spend time on the beach. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most wondrous sandcastles.
Sandcastles are a cost-effective fun activity enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is very similar to clay modeling, except that one has to purchase clay, whereas sand is easily and freely available on all beaches.
Beginners could start with easy and small models, while experienced builders could make stupendous and ornate sandcastles.

Instructions for Building a Sandcastle

Materials Required
  • A couple of buckets of varying sizes
  • Shovels
  • Small spades
  • Old, blunt kitchen knife
  • Water spray bottles

The first thing that you need to build a sandcastle is to find a place that is close enough to the water, yet far enough from the waves. You don't want the effort to get washed away (eventually, it would).
Make sure the spot you choose is not too crowded. Mark the borders before you start work. The sand needs to be wet, so you can either collect the sand in the bucket and wet it, or scoop wet sand in the bucket. Just dig in the sand until you hit the water table, and collect the wet sand. Fill at least two buckets of sand and one with water.
Smooth out the area on which you intend to build the sandcastle. Carefully turn the bucket with wet sand over the smooth patch, make a mound of sand. This is the first tower.
Lift the bucket, without shaking it too much. Too much movement will cause the tower shape of the wet sand to crumble and fall.
This is where you need to get creative; using the smaller buckets, build more towers around the main tower. To build castle walls, shape wet sand into brick shapes, and carefully lift and place them on top of each other.
Use the spades or kitchen knife to make desired shapes, and smooth them out. Use seashells to decorate the sandcastle. Mount a small stick on the tallest tower, with a flag attached to it. Spray some water on the sandcastle to prevent it from drying on a sunny day.

Tips to Follow

Always start small, and then spread out. If working in teams, assign each member a different part to build. It is better to dig a water hole and find wet sand near your building location.
Tugging a bucketful of wet sand can be quite strenuous. Keep a bucket full of water close by. For smaller shapes or ornate patterns, one can use modeling clay. Use your hands more, instead of spades or kitchen knives to shape the castle. Sandcastles are basically a combination of towers and walls. Have a rough idea in mind before starting out.
Building a sandcastle is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by families and friends. It is interesting to see how creative we can get while building them.
Don't get too disheartened when the first few trials don't look too appealing; patience and a constant hand at it, will help one to make beautiful sandcastles in no time.