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How to Do Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Tulika Nair Mar 19, 2019
Do you want to learn some simple tricks to do with the yo-yo? If yes, then read on to learn some of the most basic acts that you can perform with this toy.
If you trace the history of yo-yo, you will travel back to Philippines in the 500 BC. Of course, back then it was a weapon. It gained its modern-day avatar only in 1866 when it was made into a child's toy, under the name of whirligig.
Today, of course, it is known as the yo-yo, and is a fun way to pass time when you are bored. There are many simple tricks that you can perform with the yo-yo and if you want to learn them, then just read on further.

Performing Simple Tricks with the Yo-Yo

While purchasing a yo-yo, remember to pick one that is of a good brand as it will be easier to play with it.
With cheaper brands, there is always the fear of the string (or band) breaking. Invest in a good and branded yo-yo. Look for brands like Duncan, Playmaxx, Yomega, etc.

Gravity Pull

This is the classic trick of pulling a yo-yo up and down. The first thing that you need to do is hold the yo-yo in your hand with your palm facing the ground.
Allow the palm to be slightly above your waist. Open your hand and let the yo-yo fall to the ground. Next as it reaches the end of the string, give it a swift jerk so that it winds upwards and returns to your hand. Remember that you need to catch the yo-yo with the same hand as before.

Throw Down

Many of the more difficult tricks that you can do with the yo-yo depend on the mastery that you have over this one. It will take a little bit of practice and perseverance to master. Hold the yo-yo in your hand between the thumb and the middle finger.
Allow the hand to be in line with your shoulder. The string of the yo-yo needs to be curled over the top of the yo-yo. Now flick your wrist in such a manner that the toy falls to the ground, straight down. As it reaches the ground, give it a slight tug and the yo-yo should roll up to your hand.

The Sleeper

This is a variation of the gravity pull . Hold the yo-yo in your hand with the palm facing upwards with the string wrapped around the top and in front of the yo-yo. Now with a swift whip motion, grab the yo-yo and flick it towards the ground.
It should be spinning. While it is spinning, turn your hand over so that the palm of your hand faces downwards. Give the string of the yo-yo a slight jerk and allow it to return to your hand.

The Forward Pass

Hold the yo-yo in your hand as if you are about to do a throw down, but instead of allowing the yo-yo hand to be placed in front of you, let it fall to your side, so that the back of your hand faces forward.
Flick your wrist in such a manner that the yo-yo is thrown directly in front of you. When the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, give it a slight backward jerk, so that the yo-yo is pulled back to your hand and you can catch it in your palm.

Around the World

Once you have learned the forward pass with the yo-yo, you can learn this one with ease. First you need to perform a forward pass. Once you have done that, at the end of the trick, instead of pulling the yo-yo back, wing it around your yo-yo shoulder to create a 360 degree arc.
Ensure that throughout the spin, the toy remains at the end of the string and is not pulled back. When it is back at the starting point, jerk it back towards yourself.
These are just some of the simplest tricks for beginners. Learning these is very simple. You just need to persevere with them to master them. Hope you have fun with your new hobby.