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How to Do Magic Tricks

Pushpa Duddukuri Mar 14, 2019
Magic is a glamorous and elusive beast, which can be hardly tamed, but still you desire to pursue the unattainable. Now, you can easily reach out to the magician in you by learning how to do magic tricks, which are not only easy to learn, but also a lot of fun to watch.
Conjuring a rabbit out of a hat has become passé, now you can see Chris Angel and the likes doing more devious and cunning tricks. So, are you ready to walk on the path of these modern-day illusionists?
If you are wondering how you can learn these tricks without any training or skills, then let me tell you that it hardly requires any skill; all you need is timing and of course, knowing the logic behind the trick.

The Vanishing Act

Before vanishing humans, one should start with something small such as a coin. For this, get a table covered with a white tablecloth. A tumbler, a handkerchief, and a coin is all you need, and of course, don't forget the audience. Place the tumbler upside down on the table, and keep the coin on the table too.
Place the upside down tumbler on the coin and hide it with the handkerchief. Abracadabra! Swoosh and the coin has vanished into thin air. Want to know how it was done? The trick is that glue a tumbler with a white paper to camouflage the white tablecloth. When you keep the tumbler on the coin, it hides under the white paper and, your audience swallows it up.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

The pen is mightier than a sword and stickier. Well, this trick will prove it to you. All you need is a wrist watch and two identical pens. In this, the audience can see a person holding a pen with his palm facing downwards. The grip should be firm, but not too tight. When you let go of the pen, instead of falling to the ground, it remains where it was.
Secret - This is a perfect example where the identical twins come into play. The second pen is already stuck between the belt of your wrist watch and your hand, it should be hidden from the eyesight all the time. The second pen prevents the former pen from falling, as the first pen clings to the second. A simple trick, that create an astounding effect.

A True Prophecy

Wouldn't it be great if people could predict future and give prophecies which come true? Well, you can, if you do this right. All you have to do is get five gullible enthusiasts and a piece of paper and of course, a black long hat would be an icing on the cake. Make five chits of equal length from the sheet of paper.
Ask your friends to name their favorite movie, one by one. Keep writing these movie names as they say it and toss them into the black hat. Then, tell your friends that you know which movie would come out first, if a chit is drawn from the hat. Then, take out a chit and read the name of the movie, it would be the one, you predicted.
Secret - When your friends are calling out the name of the movie, don't be stupid and write what they are saying. Write the name of the first movie on each and every paper. (of course, you can't show it to them) Do it with ease and some natural good acting, so that they don't catch you. That's why you need some gullible souls.

Sleight of Hand

All you need is a pack of cards and a wallet. In this, you are going to tell the audience which one of the cards will be drawn out by a spectator. Shuffle your cards nicely, with skill and confidence. It requires great deal of practice to shuffle packs of cards, like a poker dealer.
Tell spectators to write the name of a card upon a piece of paper and keep it the wallet, whoever comes out to draw out a card, will pick only that card, as it is cursed. Spin a fantastical tale of a viking king who forever banished from his country. You wrote, king of spades on a piece of paper. To everybody's surprise, the spectator picks the same card!
Secret - All you have to do is, keep the king of spades card in your wallet itself. When you call the volunteer to your table, ask him to shuffle the cards according to his whim and stop wherever he wants to draw out the card and deal the cards on the table itself.
While you are telling this tale of the Viking king and when the volunteer is shuffling the card, you ensure that you make a great show of displaying the piece of paper to the audience.
In this process, accidentally drop your wallet and while putting back the piece of paper back into the wallet, cleverly put the king of spade into the table. Of course, it's easier said than done and needs you to be perfect in the art of the sleight of the hand. You can try this at home. After all, practice does make a man perfect.

Money Makes Man Mad

Money, money everywhere and not a coin to spare. Well, pull out money out of thin air and find coins in unlikely places too.
Stick a coin with the help of a scotch tape on your fingers that it is not visible to the audience. Pretend to pull coins from unlikely places such as behind a table or behind somebody's ear or from a person's pocket. Simultaneously, bring the coin out off the scotch tape. Thus, you can shower money on people without even spending a penny!
After practicing these, your wizardry can rival, if not Harry Potter, then of course, any beginner magician. So go ahead and cast your spell with these easy to do tricks and explore the magician in you.