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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Easily

How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Easily
Have you ever tried solving a Rubik's cube? Wondering how to solve a Rubik's cube easily? Scroll down to find out ways to solve this engaging logical puzzle.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Anybody who has ever tried solving a Rubik's cube knows how engaging it can be. This three-dimensional logical puzzle was created by Erno Rubik, a professor of architecture. It was initially called 'Magic Cube'. Rubik realized that the Magic cube could be used as challenging logic puzzle for kids and adults and thus, the Magic cube entered the market and became famous as Rubik's cube.
This puzzle is a test for one's analytical abilities but will also test your patience sometimes. To solve a Rubik's cube, one needs to practice certain sequences and rotate the miniature cubes in such a way that each face of the largerĀ cubeĀ is uniformly colored. Let's find out how to solve a Rubik's cube easily.
Steps for Solving a Rubik's Cube
The faces of the Rubik's are made from miniature cubes of six different colors. These colors are white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow. To solve this puzzle, you need to make sure that each face is of a uniform color.
To start with, you must know that each face is assigned a specific letter. For solving a Rubik's cube easily, you need to understand the patterns or sequences. Turning the cubes in the appropriate sequence layer by layer is the key to solve a Rubik's cube. In the sequences, R stands for rotating the cube in clockwise direction and Ri means rotating it counterclockwise. U stands for Upper (Top) face, D for Down (Bottom) face, L for left and R for right. Adding the letter 'i' indicates that you need to rotate that face or side in a counterclockwise direction.
Let me make it clear by giving an example. Wondering what is meant by the sequence Ri U Fi Ui? Well, it means rotating the right face counterclockwise for a quarter turn, the upper face clockwise a quarter turn, the front face counterclockwise a quarter turn and the upper face counterclockwise a quarter turn. Now that you know how to use these sequences, let's find out more on ways to solve a Rubik's cube easily.
  • Let's start with the edge block. Hold the cube and do the sequence Ri U Fi Ui with the piece in the upper-right corner. This is to get the block in sequence with the same colored miniature cubes.
  • Now you need to move to the next edge block. You need to twist the bottom layer till the block in the bottom matches with the one in the top layer. Hold the cube with the piece on the lower-front-right and its right place at the upper-front-right. Then follow the Ri Di R D sequence. Repeat the sequence till this corner is done.
  • Now position the cube with the uniform colored face at the bottom. Now you need to work on the edge having two different colored blocks. If it is located in the middle layer, hold it so that edge is in the front-right. Follow the sequence U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F. If that doesn't work, you could try Ui Fi U F U R Ui Ri. You can solve the block in top layer and middle layer by following the instructions given above.
  • Now your next task is to get a similar colored cross in the middle, and for that you must follow F R U Ri Ui Fi sequence on the top layer. Keep repeating the sequence till you get the desired result.
  • Follow the sequence R U Ri U R U U Ri on the top layer. This is to make sure that each cube face is aligned with a similar colored bottom row. If this sequence is not giving the desired result, add a U at the end of the sequence.
  • Now you need to solve the top corners. Hold the cube so that the rightly positioned corner piece is placed above your right thumb. Without disturbing the top layer, use the sequence U R Ui Li U Ri Ui a couple of times so that the other corners are placed into their correct position.
  • Now you need to turn the top layer in such a way that each face has uniform colored bottom two rows and center of the top row. For solving the corner at the front upper right, follow the sequence Ri Di R D. Repeat it till you are able to solve the Rubik's cube completely.
These were instructions for solving this logical puzzle. Now that you know these patterns and sequences, just get your hands on the Rubik's cube and sharpen your mind by solving this mind-stimulating game.
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