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How to Throw a Boomerang

Medha Godbole Oct 30, 2018
Throwing a boomerang is not as simple as it seems. But with practice and perseverance, the boomerang will surely come back to you! Read ahead to know more about throwing the boomerang.
Remember 'Jungle book', the delightful book by Rudyard Kipling? If you can recall, the main character, Mowgli, always sports a boomerang. Boomerang is a curved piece of wood and is used for sport or like a weapon. There are many variations of this classic wooden toy, based on geographic or tribal origins.
However, the most popular and widely known type is the boomerang which returns to the original point when thrown properly. If you want to know how to throw a boomerang properly, then go through the following instructions.

Throwing a Boomerang Properly

Grip #1

Never ever throw the boomerang like a frisbee, as it will go up in a vertical arc rather than a horizontal arc above the ground. Therefore the proper and accurate way to hold a boomerang is to hold it at an angle, around 20 degrees from vertical.
This way, the force of the propeller will be aimed upward, just right so that it can balance the gravitational force - preventing the boomerang from being pulled to the ground prior to it making a full circle.

Grip #2

Hold the boomerang in a way that the curved, painted side is towards you, whereas the flat and unpainted side should face away from you, Subsequently the painted side will be on the top and bottom will be the flat side.
Gripping the boomerang with a light pinch like grip is essential. If it is made for a right-handed person, it would not travel back if you hold it with a left hand. Simple mantra is that a right-handed boomerang will travel in a counter-clockwise circle and the left-handed boomerang will move in a clockwise circle.

Grip #3

Aim the boomerang at a point between 40 to 50 degrees to a side from the direction of the wind for preventing the wind from taking the boomerang in the wrong direction. For this, stand in a direction which will make you face the wind and then rotate around 45 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Further, adjust the boomerang depending on how windy it is.

Grip #4

Now you are almost ready to throw the boomerang in the process of learning how to throw a boomerang. After orienting yourself to the wind direction and getting a grip on the boomerang, bring it back behind you then snap it forward. This motion is similar to throwing a baseball.
Remember it is very very important to snap your wrist while you release it. This will give it a good spin. In throwing a boomerang, spin is the most crucial aspect, which makes it travel in a curved path.

Grip #5

Once you get the hang of the flight pattern of your boomerang, it will be easy for you to catch it or even attempt to catch it. The trick for catching the boomerang lies in making a boomerang sandwich. One hand to be above and the other hand be below. Palms have to be parallel to the boomerang. Slap your hands together as the boomerang comes in between them.

Tips for Throwing a Boomerang

✦ Right-handers should use right-handed boomerangs and left handers should use boomerangs for left handers.
✦ If not thrown properly, these may break.
✦ If the boomerangs are plummeting or are higher than your chest level, avoid catching them.
✦ If there is a considerable wind, the boomerang may fly over your head and past you. The best bet to deal with this is to attach flaps to either the flat or curved side of the boomerang, close to the elbow.
✦ Increase the number of flaps if the wind is heavier.
There- that was how you can throw a boomerang! Please don't practice throwing a boomerang in crowded places or near buildings, as it might hurt someone. Try playing with that toy in an open area where there are no people or buildings nearby!

Finally, after a lot of practice you will surely be able to get the boomerang back!