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Hula Hoop Games for Kids

Azmin Taraporewala Nov 24, 2018
Decades have passed since the hula hoop was invented. However, hula hoop games are a part of a memory lane that they would never trudge along. They are a must-promote team-building activity that can make a lot of difference to your child's well-being. So, hula hoop your way to a healthy tomorrow!
With the influx of technology, who has the time, energy and reserve to hoop in, out and around? Hula hoops have been tucked tight and fastened in the shackles of slumber, under the influential shadows of speed gaming.
What more do you want when you have a couch to soothe your contours, fries and croissant to tickle your platter and a remote control serving as the ultimate pleasure quotient? It is time that we instill in our children that the quintessential outdoor games should not be considered passe.
They are essential to facilitate growth and development of the mind and body, in the process teaching them to build and simultaneously work in a team. We need to dig out the hula hoop, hidden and left neglected behind joysticks and play-stations.

Hula Hoop Games Kids can Play

Classic Hula Hoop

This is the classic hula hoop game. All you need to do is to collect all preschoolers in your backyard and arrange a competition. The one who is the most proficient and scores the maximum rotations through the hula hoop, wins the competition.
You may also arrange a competition that involves kids hooping with their arms, legs and neck. This can be done after they have acquired adequate practice with the hula hoop.

On the Steering Wheel

This is a beginners game just to acquaint the kids to hula hooping.
All you need to do is to have the kids stand together and ask them to hold the hula hoop emulating the way their father holds the steering wheel while he takes them for a drive.
Well, you may introduce a slight variation in this game. Ask them to grasp the hula hoop in the palm and spin it with the other, letting it loose. This will set base for the hula hooping with the arm.

Hop, Skip, and a Jump

This is an extremely simple yet fun game for kids. Place the hula hoops on the floor, one after the other and ask them to hop, skip, and jump from one hula hoop to another. Place as many hula hoops as you want, to add to the fun.

Ring a Ring o' Roses

We all have heard of this nursery rhyme, haven't we? Let us ring around but with a twist. How? Place the three hula hoops together in such a manner that the circumferential edge of the three hula hoops touch each other. They should form a triangle as a whole.
Now ask a group of three children to step only into the hula hoops as they sing the song merrily. You could have many hula hoop triangles configured and have the children play around it.

To Hoop and Back

This is another game that you are bound to enjoy. You must set the hula hoops a few feet apart. One kid gives the challenge and the other takes up the challenge. The kid who has taken up the challenge will receive a command on the way he needs to utilize the two hula hoops.
If the instructor says, jump backwards, the kid who has taken up the challenge will jump in and out of the ring backwards. If the kid is commanded to jump with his eyes closed, he must do so correctly. However, if he fails to do so, another kid will accept the challenge and try and earn maximum brownie points!


Hang the hula hoop on a tree or a rope. Now, ask a group of children to form a row and stand one behind the other. You can have the kids throw basketball through the hoop. If they get the basket, you could give them incentive points. This can be performed by flying paper planes through the hoop or kicking a football so that it goes through the hoop.

Kangaroo Stance

Replace the skipping rope for the largest hula hoop you could lay your hands on. Now, as you perform the skipping session, you could jump and skip inside out as you do with the rope. This is fun and you allow your child or kids to go around doing it with a free spirit. Just remember that you need to pick the largest hula hoop.
Hula hoop games are your kids' best companions. It is good to see kids getting back to backyards and having fun with tricks that were once a part of the game. It is due to its novelty, in this day and age, that fun-loving games have become 'tricks' to lure kids to have fun keeping proximity with nature!