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Ice Breaker Games for Adults

Puja Lalwani Nov 20, 2018
Sometimes a formal introduction is just not enough, and you need some real ice breaker games to get them to open up and mingle with the rest of the crowd. Given here is a list of games that you can use for this purpose.
While hosting a party, or any event, you are bound to bring together a large group of people where everyone doesn't know the other. In such a case, to ensure that the group has a good time together, introducing some ice breaker activities can be a great method. This will help everyone at your party to mingle and get to know each other.
Now you obviously don't want to play some silly games but some good games that will be remembered. These games are perfect to strike up conversation, and have everyone buzzing. These games can eliminate all those awkward moments, and induce some fun and laughter for people to enjoy themselves and get to know everyone around them.

Truth or Lie?

This is one of the most common, popular, and definitely funny game. Each one is asked to write on a paper, 2 truths and 1 lie about her/himself and then read them out. The rest of the members are then asked to identify which one of the 3 statements is a lie.
This game can be a lot of fun if the players are asked to be open about these truths, and include funny incidents in it. It is bound to be an effective icebreaker game for small groups rather than larger groups as it is slightly time-consuming.

Why So Glum, Chum?

This game is the ultimate test of self control and therefore replete with laughter. Everyone is paired into two and are made to stand with their backs towards each other. On the count of 3, they are asked to turn, face each other, and look each other in the eye.
Smiling, winking, or laughing is not allowed, and they are supposed to keep an absolutely straight face while looking at each other. If anyone does so, they will be disqualified, and another pair will take their place.
This will continue until only two pairs are left, in which the remaining group members can tease to make them laugh. The one to keep a straight face right until the end wins.

An Artist's Expression

In this game, every couple is asked to express something about their pair by means of a drawing, for which they will be given 5 minutes. Once all the drawings are collected, they are displayed for the everyone to identify whom they belong to.
Once a couple has been identified, they are asked to introduce themselves, and explain how the drawing portrays their relationship. It need not be personal, but just something simple that defines them. For instance, one member of the couple likes broccoli and the other doesn't. This trait can easily be shown by means of a drawing.

Recognize Me?

This is by far one of the best icebreakers for large groups. Before everyone arrives for your event, ask everyone to carry a picture of theirs as a baby. At the time of this game, collect all the pictures from everyone, and start displaying each picture one by one.
The group members are supposed to identify who that person in the party is, by looking at the baby picture. This game can be a great conversation starter.

Me Too!

Compile a list of common traits in children, and read them out to a group of parents. If there is any trait that parents can relate to regarding their child, they will stand up. As they stand up, they can look around to see how many such parents are present in the room.
This will help them strike common ground and talk to each other. Remember, the list of traits should not be negative, but just common, and some humorous traits that are found in children. It is a fun way and definitely one of the best icebreaker activities for parents to get to know each other.
Breaking the ice is indeed a very simple task, particularly in larger groups. By inducing humor, and finding ways with which people in a large group can relate with each other, these simple ice breaker games can definitely be a smashing success.