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Icebreaker Activities for Adults

Aastha Dogra Oct 6, 2018
Some of the most fun and entertaining icebreaker activities for adults are discussed here. Read on to know more.
Whenever there is a gathering where people barely know each other or know very little of one another, it always helps to plan certain icebreaker activities to get over the initial awkwardness. Ice breaker games and activities are a fun way to get people to know one another and initiate conversations. Here are some such enjoyable activities.

Guess Who?

Give each of the participants a chit and ask them to write something on it which they think is interesting and unique about them. They can write things like, "I can write with both my right and left hand" or "I have been to ten foreign countries", or "I participated in Miss America ten years ago", etc.
Once they are done, collect the chits and begin reading them aloud one by one. The other participants have to guess who that person is. For every right answer, give a chocolate to the participants.

Life's Little Stories

Another fun exercise is to have each of those present share a story with the other participants which they think proved to be a turning point or a great learning experience in their life.
This activity is bound to well acquaint the group participants with one another's personality and motivations.

Who's the Tallest?

To conduct this activity, you will need cloth bands to tie around the eyes of the participants. Once they cannot see anymore, ask them to arrange themselves in a line.
The participants now have to touch each other's heads and guess the height of others to line up themselves height-wise. This activity is not only fun, but contributes to the participants' problem solving skills as well!

Create a Scene

Simply divide the people into groups of eight or more and give them an unfinished short story. All the different groups now have to decide amongst themselves how the story will move ahead and what will be its ending.
Once they have decided this collectively, they have to enact the same in front of others. While interacting with one another, the participants will learn a lot about each other, which in turn will contribute to team building.

Who Has It?

Modified version of good old scavenger hunt can work as a party ice breakers for adults! Divide the adults into groups of five each. Next, give each of the groups a list of things they have to collect from the participants, other than the ones in their group.
You can include things like pen, marker, driving license, debit card, handkerchief, chocolate, a pair of glasses, etc. The rule of the game is that a participant can not take more than one thing from any one person.
Also, while taking the thing, he has to ask the name of the person which he has to repeat at the end of the game. The group which is able to get all the items in the shortest time and remember the name of all the people who gave them those items is declared the winner.
Today, many corporates employ such games and activities during their office meetings or seminars as they contribute a lot towards team building. Thus, it can be rightly said that planning such icebreakers is a fun way to add to the productivity of the group.