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Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

Maya Pillai Sep 26, 2018
An icebreaker in form of a game is a thought provoking conversation which enables the participants feel at ease with one another. It can be used before commencing a meeting or a training session, and is an activity for all age groups.
A game technique used to reduce anxiety and tension at a gathering or on the first day of a training session is called an icebreaker.
Are you aware it plays a significant role in the team building and meetings? It also helps one relax and feel at ease with other members of the group. You could use an icebreaker as a time-filler too.
Try out these icebreaker games that help in not only making the group at ease but also in motivating them.

Break your Ego "I"

You could use this game for a small to medium group. You could ask the participants to introduce or tell something about themselves without using the term "I". The one who uses the word "I" loses the game. When a participant talks about himself, others need to listen attentively. This icebreaker could be used for training sessions of listening skills.


The materials needed are just a few pens and papers for the participants. Ask the participants to divide the paper into 4 squares. Name the squares as favorite hobbies, favorite travel destination, an animal you would love to become and important things of your life. The participants have to depict the same in form of pictures and be as creative as possible.

A Lie and Two Truths

This is an awesome get-to-know game for all age groups. Each participant is supposed to make three statements about himself. Two statements should be true and one should be false. He could share the statements in any order.
The aim of this icebreaker game is to determine the statement that is false or a lie. The facilitator could ask the group to vote for the statement that they think is a lie. At the end of each round, a participant has to reveal the false statement. This game can also be called as "Two Truths and a Dream wish"
Questions are a part of icebreaker games. These are introduced at the beginning of the training session to make the people comfortable and also to make them feel as a part of a small group. They put the participants at ease.
  • What is your favorite cartoon character - Mickey Mouse or Jerry? Why?
  • Tell about your quirky ways.
  • Talk about your ideal job.
  • If given a chance, I would wish to be. (Talk about who you want to be, besides your self)
  • If you were a night person what would be your hobbies?
  • The weirdest food you have tasted.
Icebreaker games are an excellent way to introduce group members to one another. A facilitator could design creative games. Facilitators should not be afraid to try out different variations and approaches during the training sessions.