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Ideas for High School Pranks

Kashmira Lad Nov 1, 2018
Playing pranks in high school has somewhat become a rite of passage. Here we will give you amazing ideas on pranks that are entertaining (for you) and irritating (for others).
High school days be reckoned as the best days of life! Those wonderful years of dreading the books and looking forward to the basketball games aptly illustrates the many sides of a high school life. Listening to music in the library, avoiding boring lectures, and burning the midnight oil completing homework and essays; all these incidents are a common story.
There are many mischievous lots that even spend hours or days planning all sorts of pranks to be played on classmates or even teachers for that matter. Quite an adventurous lot! Well, thinking of innovative ideas for high school pranks is like a religion for some! And for such pesky brats, ideas for pranks that can be utilized to make everyone laugh!

4 (Harmless) Pranks to Try

◆ This is a prank that can help to pep up a dull day at school. Collect as many bouncing balls as you can and let them loose in the corridor. Of course, you better be prepared to do this before the students arrive. And then, make sure you fade into the background.
◆ Make simple signs such as 'Push' or 'Pull'. This is something that can be done easily on the computer and print these words on separate sheets of paper. Tape these on the bathroom or classroom doors, near the doorknob. But ensure you stick them on the wrong side! Watch the fun as everyone struggles to open the door the right way.
◆ How good are you at disguising your voice? If you can manage to imitate the voice of your teachers, here's a neat prank that will help you et some free breaks! If you get your hands on a telephone in the school, all you need to do is call up two teachers and disguise your voice to make it sound like the other person.
Make your voice seem urgent and call both of them at one spot on the other side of the campus. When they meet, both will feel as if the other person had given a call. By the time they figure out the prank, you are bound to have plenty of free time in the class for some lovely gossip and silly games!
◆ If you manage to have access to the common rooms of all the class teachers, sneak into the room with shoe polish when no one is around. Choose a darker colored phone in the room to match the polish. Apply some on the lower side of the receiver and make sure you are around to watch the fun when the phone rings! (Do not get into the path of your teachers)
Use these pranks and watch the fun around you unfold. As long as no one is hurt in the bargain, a little bit of harmless fun can only gather a few laughs!