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Indoor Family Games

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 12, 2019
Playing monopoly or scrabble with family members gets boring after some time, try some fun games like blind navigator and balloon baseball to enjoy your free time...
If you want to increase the bond between family members and have fun while doing it, then you should plan some innovative indoor family games. Playing indoor games with family members is one of the oldest traditions to get strengthen the family bond. You can also take this opportunity to iron out any differences or disagreements between family members.
There are several games which you can enjoy in your time off and they don't even need any special props. All you will need are some household items and some enthusiastic family members to enjoy the time together.
One thing you need to keep in mind when devising the games is that, everyone in the family enjoys them irrespective of their age. You also have to ensure that the game doesn't hurt the sentiments of anyone in the family.

Blind Navigators

For this game you will need a blindfold and rearrange the furniture in one of your rooms. First divide the family members in groups of two. Arrange furniture in the room as though you were making an obstacle course.
Show the obstacle course to the participants and then blindfold one of them. The blindfolded person will then have to navigate around the obstacle course without hitting the furniture. Their team members can guide them by shouting out instructions.
To make the game interesting other teams can shout out instructions to confuse the blindfolded person. This is a time trial game, the team which completes the obstacle course in the least amount of time wins.

If and Then

This is a fun game without competition and it tests the creative writing skills of the family members. You will need pens and writing papers for this hilarious game. Divide the members in two groups. Ask one group to write sentences starting with the word 'If' and ask the other group to write sentences with the word 'Then'.
Then get the group who is making sentences with the word 'If' to read one sentence and the ask the other group to read out on of their sentences beginning with 'Then'. You will get a funny combination of sentences as you read out the different sentences prepared by each group.

Balloon Baseball

The only prop you will need for this game is a balloon. Arrange the baseball bases in short distances and divide the family members in two teams. Batters will have to use their bare hands to hit the balloon to score runs. To make things interesting, if the player is a right-handed batsman then he will have to use his left hand to bat.
If you so wish you can apply the same rule to the pitcher, if the pitcher is right-handed then he has to pitch with his left hand. This is a fun way to spend time with your family as watching people trying to hit and throw the balloon is hilarious.

Treasure Hunt

One of the easiest and fun indoor games to arrange is a treasure hunt competition. You will need a box of chocolates, gift wrap, writing paper and pencils for arranging this game. Gift wrap the box of chocolates and hide it in a corner of a room.
Divide the members in two teams and give each team a set of clues that lead to the treasure (Box of Chocolates). Have each clue lead to another and finally to the treasure, you can set different routes to the treasure for each team. Rules are simple, the first team to find the treasure wins
These simple indoor games for small groups are easy to arrange and quite enjoyable when played with family members. Some of the other traditional games that you can play indoors are the 'musical chairs' and dumb charades.