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Indoor Games for Youth

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 6, 2019
Need some indoor youth group games? Read on to know some steps to play easy indoor games for youth.
When you arrange a party or a get-together, you need to entertain your dear guests. And playing games is a wonderful way to have a good time with your guests at the party.
When it comes to playing games indoors, there are card games, board games, and many more games. Here are a few fun indoor games for youth, that can be played at teen parties.

Balloon Blow

To play this party game, divide the guests into two or three groups depending on the total number. Then, ask the team members of each group to sit together. Handover a packet of balloons to each team. Each member of a team is allowed to take a deep breath only once, to blow the balloon.
He/she then passes the incomplete blown balloon to the next team member and the game continues. The team who blows maximum number of balloons without popping, is the winner. 
This indoor game is quite funny, because, when the incomplete blown balloon is passed from one player to another, there are chances of losing the air in the balloon. This is really a fun indoor group game which requires no prior preparation and equipment.

Mine Field

This game can be played if a large hall is available and it is a good indoor game for team building. First, draw a square-shaped area for playing the game. This area is nothing but the minefield. Decide the size of the minefield depending upon the number of players. Then, make use of balls, pins, paper cones, etc., as mines and spread them in the minefield.
Then, make pairs of the players and blindfold one player of each pair. The blindfolded player of each pair has to enter the minefield and has to cross the minefield without touching any of the items spread in it. 
The blindfolded player will be guided by the player standing outside the minefield. The pair that will cross the minefield without touching any of the mines, wins the game. The game restarts for a pair, if the blindfolded player bumps on any of the mine.

Old Maid

If you love playing card games, you should surely go for this nice indoor game for children and adults alike. To play this game, you will require 2 to 8 players. First, remove the queens from the deck of 52 and keep aside one queen card. 
The queen card kept aside is the "Old Maid" and the players have to avoid getting this card during the game. Now, choose a dealer and distribute the cards among the players. Then, each player takes a look at respective distributed cards and discards the cards that form pairs.
For example, if a player has a 4 of diamond and 4 of spade, then he/she will discard those cards and keep them aside.
Now, the game starts from the left of the dealer. The dealer will hold the cards facing down and the player sitting to his left has to pick a random card from the bunch. If the picked up card forms a pair with any of the cards, the player puts down the formed pair and gets a chance to pull one more card from the dealer.
In case no pair is formed the game continues with the next pair of players. In the end of the game, one player is left with the "Old Maid" and he/she loses the game. Rest all the players are winners.
The list of indoor games for youth is quite long and the aforementioned ones are some of the best games for you. So, now when you know these, collect the required material and have fun at your next party.