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Delightful Indoor Team Games

Neha Joshi Nov 22, 2018
Want to know some interesting indoor team games? Check them out right here as we have some fun indoor games for team building, ones that will surely help! Read on to know 5 absolutely unique and fun indoor games.
It is not everyday that we have time to play games but then it is never too late and we should also never say never. Team games are always fun, whether they are indoor team games or outdoor, for the children or for the adults.
Games don't only bring in enthusiasm but sometimes, we learn important aspects such as team building, responsibility and also new concepts and knowledge. Sometimes, as we grow up, games seem to be lost somewhere in school on the playground. Now is the time to bring them back.
The games mentioned, are not only for the kids but also for the grown-ups. Play one of these fun team games and you are sure to play them again and again. While we have some indoor team building games, we also have some that you can play outdoors if you wish. Check them out!

5 Fun Indoor Games You Can Play in Teams

Treasure Hunt

One of the oldest, but yet it remains the best of all fun indoor games for children. A treasure hunt, as we all know is where teams have to find a treasure. There are clues given to you to reach the treasure and you need to reach there first.
If there is no one to arrange a treasure hunt for you, you can make two teams and arrange one for each other. Whoever finds the treasure first, is of course the winner.

Answer The Question

This is yet another interesting indoor team game that will help in increasing a child's knowledge. Make a list of 50 general knowledge questions, different for each kid. Give them a time limit.
Everyone has to answer these questions and the child that answers maximum questions is the winner. This is also one of the best indoor team games for schools and hobby classes. You can also let them use the Internet and whoever is the fastest, can be declared the winner.

Hide n Seek

Make a list of activities that the kids need to perform. For example, 'find a pair of blue socks' or 'a book with not more than 200 pages'. The kids have to get these things without letting know to rest participants. If the other players see it, they get 2 more activities to perform. Those who get the maximum number of items in the least time is the winner.

Share The Responsibilities

There are a lot of times when we need to leave the children alone at home. Our main focus is always that they have fun and don't get bored. Give them a list of responsibilities such as cooking (without gas and knives), washing the laundry, cleaning the rooms and even washing the car. One responsibility for each group.
The group that finishes first and does the job the best, wins the game. This is one of the best indoor games as it teaches responsibility, and focuses on team building at the same time.

Picture a Story

Give each team a famous story or fairy tale such a Cinderella, Pinocchio  or even famous movies. They have to draw this story in the form of pictures and make their team members guess it right and guess it fast. This again, focuses on team building as there has to be a lot of understanding and patience. It also judges the creativity present in the children.
Another thing that you can do is enact the movie or fairy tale with actions and no words and your teammates will have to guess it. The team with maximum correct guesses wins!
These were some of the best indoor games for team building and for some fun time! If you really like these, you can also suggest playing some of these indoor team games to your teacher and you can play them in school one day.
You can also bring in some innovative concepts to each and change the house rules according to your wish. Remember, that indoor games are not only fun but they are a perfect way to pass some not-so-fun time!