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Fun Games to Play at the Kindergarten

Medha Godbole Mar 12, 2019
Kindergarten games should be ideally innovative and should immediately attract the attention of the children. They need not be very complicated and sophisticated. You just want to keep the children busy. If you have run out of ideas for the same, read on.
Kindergarten is where the tiny tots enter the realm of their academic arena. That is their stepping stone to the unexplored and unknown side of the world, which teaches them innumerable things.
This teaching is not very easy. Children have to like coming to school. For this, it is important to mix play with academics. But you can't keep them just as engaged everyday, can you? With games like these, surely it isn't going to be that difficult.

Games to Play in Kindergarten

Tug of War

This is a kid's delight. No preparation required, no elaborate gear needed. All you need is a rope. Moreover, kids love such games. Divide the class into groups, with each group having around 6 members.
You're now ready for a tug of war competition, with the kids tugging and pulling at the rope. Give the winning team a bar of chocolate or a small storybook.

Wild Goose Chase

This is an out-and-out outdoor kindergarten game. Have the kids sit in a circle in the garden or in any open area. Ensure that the children face inward while forming a circle. Then one of them will be the picker, who will walk around the circle. He or she taps each one sitting in the circle and say 'duck'.
Occasionally, that kid will say 'goose'. The one who has been called a goose gets up and chases the picker. If the picker sits in the vacant place left by the goose before the goose gets him, the goose becomes the picker. If the goose is not able to catch the picker, the goose takes his or her original place. It's a great way to develop alertness among kids.

Egg Toss

In this game, just don't care about the eggs. Let them break. This is a simple game, where you ask the kids to first stand facing each other. Then, ask them to toss the egg back and forth between each other. Let's say after a round of 5 tosses, they take a step back. It is not an educational game, but kids will learn control and more importantly, team work.

Treasure Island

For this, things that kids love - toys, chocolates, crackers etc., can be hidden in different spots like class or playground. Leave some clues for the kids and help them work through the clues and reach the treasure. This is a fine game to develop problem solving skills.

Fun with Checkers

It might sound difficult and complex, but it is actually not. Who said that you should be an expert. Students can have fun by just moving the pieces one over the other.
There is no rule that you should have only one piece on the board for finishing the game. Thus, if and when you cannot think of anything else, checkers can come to your rescue.
Even if these games are not entirely educational, they help students to learn other skills. They not only give all the kids a break from studying, but also encourage them to come to school. Have fun!