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Learning Magic Tricks for Kids

Kanika Khara Jan 1, 2019
Kids not only love watching magic shows, they also love performing magic tricks. Think your child is one of this lot? If yes, read ahead for the easiest and most amazing magic tricks that can be easily taught to the budding magician in your child.
Although magicians spend years practicing advanced sleight of hand to perform some impossibly realistic magic tricks, learning magic for kids can be an easy and exciting task if done under proper and correct guidance. Kids are inquisitive and fast learners and so introducing them to creative skills at a young age, will help them explore their hidden talents.
Also, it is a far more productive and useful way of spending free time than just watching TV. Use the information given here as a guide to teach your kids a few of the simplest tricks.

Loose Thumb

For this trick, you will need a carrot which is about the same thickness as the thumb. Very carefully, cut off a piece in about the length and shape of the thumb and hide it in the hand with which you will perform the trick. Take a handkerchief and cover the hand with it.
Slowly move the carrot up so it pops out and appears like the thumb from the other side. Tell the audience that the thumb has been feeling 'loose' lately, and you want them to help 'tighten it'. Extend the arm towards them and tell any one person from the audience to hold on to the thumb.
As soon as they hold it, turn around and act like you forgot something. Move back a few steps and draw your hand out from under the handkerchief with the thumb inserted into your fist. Act surprised! They will think they have your thumb!

Cut the Kings

In an ordinary poker deck, separate the aces and kings, and place the 4 aces on top of the pack. Place the kings on top of the aces so that they are now uppermost in the deck. Pick a volunteer from the audience and say something like: "It seems you can deal out a mean hand of cards! From this pack, deal out two piles, alternating cards".
Let the volunteer deal about half of the deck and then say: "You may stop anytime you wish". Take the deck of cards that has not been dealt, and keep them aside. Ask your volunteer to pick up one of the two dealt piles and distribute it into two smaller piles, and do the same with the other pile as well, so that you end up having 4 piles of cards.
There will be a king on top of every deck. Ask the volunteer to pick up a card from any pile; you will get 4 consecutive kings in one go. Now discard all 4 kings and say something like: "Anyone here a poker player? What beats four kings? four aces, right". Make some magical moves over the four piles and turn up the top card of each pile to reveal the aces.

Ice Breath

Cut a sponge into a circle that fits perfectly into the bottom of a non-transparent paper or plastic cup so that when you turn the cup over, the sponge shouldn't fall out. Place an ice cube on top of the sponge and fill the glass with ⅛ cup of water.
Present the glass of water to your audience and tell them that you have really cold breath and you can freeze the water just by blowing on it! Hold the cup with the hidden sponge and ice cube up, and pour in the water from the glass; hold the cup at a height, so the audience won't be able to see what's inside it.
Blow on the sponge cup with your ice breath, giving time for the sponge to absorb the water. Now slowly turn the cup over and allow the ice cube fall out.
These were some simple magic tricks for kids which can be implemented easily with a little bit of guidance and practice. Remember to bow graciously when applauded!