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List of Creative and Interesting Things You Can Do When Bored

Parashar Joshi Mar 19, 2019
Boredom tends to set in when we find ourselves left with nothing to do. Here is an interesting list of things to do when one is bored to death.
Those typical Sunday afternoons can be really killing at times, especially if it's a dark, gloomy day, and you're alone at home with absolutely nothing to do. There are times when the boredom can really get to your head and drive you nuts.
You need to do something to maintain your sanity, and keep yourself engrossed. Here's a random list of things, to pull you out of the boredom. It contains some of the most creative, innovative, and funny things that one can do when bored.

Interesting Things to Do When Bored

Flip through all your school yearbooks and class photographs.
School memories are always cherished, and seldom do we find time to relive those golden moments. Now that you have lots of time on hand, pull out all those school souvenirs and go back in time.
Grab hold of a book on palmistry, and try matching your palm with the patterns in the book. That way, you'll put your hands to better use than just chewing your fingernails the whole afternoon.
Make a list of the different places around the world that you wish to visit. Everyone likes the thought of traveling and seeing new places. Who knows? You could be on your way towards planning your next vacation.
Try penning a poem or writing a short story. There's a good chance that the last piece of creative work that you attempted was way back in college. Why not test your writing skills, and find out whether you still have what it takes?
List your all-time-favorite films. Later on, you can buy them all at the local video store, and in the process, create your personal DVD movie collection.
Go back in time to the days when you built a castle of cards. On a dull rainy afternoon, it can be the breath of fresh air that you're longing for.
If you happen to have a musical instrument that has been lying around gathering dust, now is the time to put it to good use. It can be a really refreshing thing to do when bored.
Invent a game of your own. Why not? You probably must have done it quite often as a kid, so do it once again. Be as creative as you possibly can. You get to set your own rules, and that doesn't happen quite often in life. Grab the chance!
Find some old clothes that are either torn, or that don't fit you anymore. Imagine yourself as a famous fashion designer who creates magic with a piece of cloth. Do a bit of mixing and matching, and presto! You may just come up with a brilliant fashion idea.
Turn on your television to the cartoon channel. Mute the audio, and try doing the voice-overs yourself. This can be thoroughly entertaining.
Turn on your computer, and do some random search on Google. The Internet houses a plethora of information, and you'll be amazed at the variety and depth of interesting topics that you will come across.
Stand by your window and observe everything that you see outside. Count the number of birds, the clouds that gently float across the sky, the color of the tree leaves, and every other minute detail that you otherwise wouldn't have noticed.
Once you're done with that, close your eyes, and focus on what you hear. Listen to the different types of sounds, that you can recognize - a baby crying, the honking of a car horn, the odd ice cream truck passing by, the gentle whistling of a bird, the sound of your own breathing, etc. You will be amazed by the sudden peace that you'll feel.
In addition to the mentioned ideas, you could try experimenting with a new recipe, indulging in a bit of paper craft, scale modeling, etc. It could certainly help you to get rid of the boredom, and look forward to something interesting.