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Magic Tricks for Beginners

Magic Tricks for Beginners

If you are going to try your hand at performing magic tricks, then the ones mentioned in this article are probably the ones you should start with. This article talks about easy and simple magic tricks for beginners and also teaches you how to perform them.
Kanika Khara
Magic is nothing but an illusion created by a magician. It is a form of art that entertains and fascinates people of all ages. Most of us, after having watched the performance of a magician, wish that someday even we astonish an audience by giving a stunning magic performance. Believe me when I say that it is possible for you to do so. With the proper guidance, anybody can learn how to create an illusion or perform magic. The most important thing required is exceptional timing. Given below are a few tricks that can be performed with cards and coins. Read and learn.

Magic Tricks with Cards

In this trick, four jacks are shuffled randomly into a pack of cards and in a flash, they are found together at the top.

How To Do It: To start, place the four jacks on top of the deck and any three random cards over the jacks. Arrange the cards in a way that the jacks are fanned out and the group of the other three cards remains on top of the deck. Now, face the front of the pack to the audience, so that your audience can see the fanned cards but not the top three cards which are hidden by the jacks. Push the jacks into the deck, your audience will think that the four jacks are on top of the deck, but actually, they are at positions four, five, six, and seven in the deck. Take the top (non-jack) card, without showing it and keep it in the lower half of the deck. Likewise take the second and third cards and without showing them, keep them into the deck. Now, show the top card to be a jack by just turning it over, and then leaving it on top. Push the other cards (non-jacks) into the deck, your audience will think that the other jacks have got lost in the deck, but actually they're all on top of the deck. Finally, turnover the top four cards of the deck to show that the jacks have come back to the top.

Aces From Your Pocket
In this trick, a member from the audience shuffles a deck, divides it, and drops it into the inner pocket of your coat. You ask that person to call out a number between "1" and "10." You remove that number of cards from the deck and put them in your pocket, and then lay down the next card on the table. After repeating this three more times when you turn over the four separate cards on the table, you'll see that they are all aces.

How To Do It: For this trick, you need to wear a jacket with an inner pocket. Before you start the trick, take out all the aces from the deck and put them into your pocket, with their faces towards your body. Now give the deck to someone from the audience and ask them to shuffle and divide it. Ask that person to put the deck into the same pocket having the aces. As you hold open your pocket, slip your hand in to hide the aces and push the deck of cards against the outer edge of the pocket. Ask for a number between 1 and 10, put your hand in to your pocket to count cards from the top of the deck. Now when you get to the last number, take out one of the aces and keep the packet on the table with the ace face down away from the packet. Repeat this step until you have removed all four aces, and finally turn over the four cards on the table to reveal all the aces.

Magic Tricks with Coins

Coin Through The Hat
It is a simple coin trick, in which you keep an empty glass on a table and place a hat over it with the open side up. You'll toss a coin into the hat which appears to penetrate through the hat and is heard falling into the glass.

How To Do It: For this trick you need two duplicate coins, a glass tumbler, and a hat (a derby hat, a sports cap, or someone's hat from the audience will do too!). Place a coin in a finger palm position in the right hand, show the glass, take the hat in your left hand, and keep it crown down in the right hand over the coin. Now let the coin slip down to the tips of your right fingers under cover of the hat. Now, using both hands, keep the hat over the glass, so that the coin is held on the edge of the glass by the weight of the hat. Now take the other coin, (the duplicate coin), in the left hand, perform the French Drop, i.e., the coin between the fingers and thumb, with fingers facing the audience and thumb behind, and then retain the coin in the left hand. Make a throwing gesture towards the hat with your right hand, slightly touching the rim of the hat, and let the coin fall into the glass. Pick up the hat in the right hand and instantly slip the coin from your left hand into your pocket. Now keep the hat aside, pick up the glass, and let the coin in the glass fall into the hands of one of your audience member.

Traveling Coin
Here, you borrow a coin, which you place beneath your left foot, and when you raise your foot, the coin disappears. It appears 'magically' underneath your right foot.

How To Do It: For this trick, you need to sit on a chair. Take two identical coins, with one coin secretly kept under your right heel. Lift your right foot slightly, and draw it backwards without revealing the coin. Now take the first coin and pretend to place it beneath your left foot, but drop it in your pants cuff. When you'll raise your right foot, the coin will appear there, giving the illusion that the coin has traveled from the left to the right foot.

Since you are a beginner, practice as much as you can before you set foot on stage to enthrall an audience with these super-easy magic tricks!
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