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Magic Tricks for Beginners with Cards

Pragya T Mar 14, 2019
Do you wish to learn some cool and easy-to-perform magic tricks? Read on to know some easy magic tricks for beginners with cards.
Magic and optical illusions using cards are always interesting and intriguing. These are the best tricks for beginners to learn, as all you need is a deck of cards and a table top, though you require a bit of practice and skill. So, always practice these tricks mentioned, before performing them in front of an audience.

Guessing the Spectator's Card

This is a classic card trick and always produces an amazing effect on the audience.
  • Take a standard deck of 52 cards, and quickly peek at the bottom card of the deck. Let us say it is an ace of clubs.
  • Now, spread the cards face down on a table, and ask a person from the audience to select a card and memorize it.
  • Ask the same person to cut the deck into two halves and separate them.
  • Face down these two decks, and ask the person to place their selected card on top of the right side deck.
  • Place the left side deck on top of the right one and lay the card face down.
  • Search for the bottom card, which was the ace of club and voila! The card next to its immediate left is the spectator's card. Show this to the audience and amaze everybody!

The Rising Card

This trick requires practice of the 'Guessing the Spectator's Card' trick, as it involves guessing the spectator's card. This is also one of the easiest magic card tricks for kids to learn.
  • First, follow the previous trick, but do not show the spectator's card to anybody.
  • Place the spectator's card on top of the deck, and hold the bottom of the deck in your left hand.
  • Place your right hand around the deck in a way that the little finger is touching the last card and the index finger is on top of the deck.
  • Slide the last card on the deck with your little finger and move your index finger, to give the illusion that your index finger is making the card rise-up!

Amazing Spectator's Card Guessing Trick

This card trick has one of the most interesting magic trick secrets. The secret is that clubs, spades, and heart cards have a central pip. Now, let us learn the technique to perform this trick for beginners.
  • Take 6 odd numbered cards that are a mix of 5's, 7's, and 9's. Also, they should be a mix of clubs, spades, and hearts.
  • Align these face down on a table so that they are right side up, from your point of view.
  • Now, turn your back to the audience, and ask a spectators to pick a card and memorize it, and keep it back on the set of the cards.
  • Now, turn around and keep checking each card till you find the card with the center pip upside down, and you have found the spectators card!

Sticky Hand Card Trick

This is one of the coolest magic tricks that can be performed with cards. However, this requires fashioning a gimmick card. Here is the method for performing this trick.
  • Cut a small flap in the middle portion of the card and pull this at the face downside of it.
  • Stick another card at the bottom of this so that the face up of this gimmick card is displayed as the face of newly-glued card.
  • The flap should be of the right size so that it can be held between middle and index fingers, but should not be visible to the audience.
  • Now, hold this gimmick card by holding the flap between your fingers, and arrange 5 cards around it.
  • Show this arrangement face up to the audience, and put your thumb to support these cards.
  • Now, turn your hand upside down and release the thumb, and magic! the cards will still be sticking to your hand!
So, these were some of the magic tricks revealed. Whenever, performing any of these, make sure that you cook up some sort of story, or use magic words like abracadabra, alakazam, izzy wizzy, sim sala bim, hocus pocus, etc., just to make your act more interesting.