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A 5-step Guide to Teach You How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle is a game in which a person has to reassemble a picture which is originally cut into small, interlocking pieces. All must have played this game at least once in our life, but has anyone ever tried making it themselves? If you haven't, read on to learn how to make your own jigsaw puzzle.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018
A jigsaw is a tiling puzzle in which many small, oddly-shaped, and interlocking pieces are fitted together to form one complete picture. The pictures may include scenes from nature, castles, animals, mountains, etc.
Originally, the puzzle used to be created by painting the picture on a flat, rectangular wooden piece which was then cut into small pieces with the help of a jigsaw. But now, many jigsaw puzzle accessories like cardboard, frames, foams, and roll-up mats have been designed for puzzle enthusiasts.
This is not only a great, creativity fun activity, but also a challenge. It can be used for different occasions like entertaining kids, creating meaningful gifts, or sending messages to your loved ones in a unique way.
Step 1: Select an Image
blue world map
Select the image that you want to display on the finished puzzle. It can be an enlarged photo, a picture from a calendar or anything which is thick and does not tear easily. Make sure it's not very thick as it may become fuzzy around the edges.
Step 2: Choose the Material
Foam texture
For the base of the puzzle, use a heavy cardboard, foam, or wood. If you use foam, you will require a large, flat sheet of foam, and if you pick wood, make sure the piece of plywood is thin and big enough to mount the entire image on it.
Step 3: Mount the Image
Stick the image on sheet
The next step is to mount the picture onto the base. Dry mounting spray is the best option for this.
Using a white glue or a glue stick is not recommended, as the white glue takes too long to dry, and the glue stick does not stick very well. Use the spray as per the manufacturer's instructions and mount the picture properly on to the base. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the spaces between the picture and the base.
Step 4: Cut the Pieces
Jigsaw Pieces
After this, you need to cut the puzzle apart into oddly-shaped pieces. Be random. If you have used a cardboard, cut with a utility knife or use a scroll saw having an extremely thin blade.
For a foam-based puzzle, simply use a utility knife, and for a wood-based puzzle, use a scroll saw with a thin blade. While cutting, make sure you don't push the saw too fast through the wood, else the blade might break.
Cut carefully, so that the pieces should not have tiny ends or obtrusions on them as they can break off easily. You will also need to sand the pieces to smoothen the rough edges, especially if you are making the puzzle for a kid. Don't forget to paint the underside of the puzzle along with its edges.
Step 5: Assemble the Pieces Together
Puzzle world map
After cutting the entire puzzle, assemble the pieces together to check whether they fit properly or not.
Your jigsaw puzzle pieces are ready for use. I'm sure you found it to be fascinating, entertaining, challenging, and not very time-consuming either. All you need is to collect the basic raw material, explore your creative skills, and make this real-life masterpiece puzzle.