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Outdoor Fall Activities

Medha Godbole Oct 17, 2018
Fall is commonly associated with the holiday season, a time when people take a break from work, go on holidays, or have fun indulging in outdoor activities. This year, what would you want to do?
The arrival of fall, calls for enjoying these activities to the fullest; the temperatures are not too hot, not to chilly―just perfect! Mentioned here are a few outdoor activities you can enjoy this fall, from ones for couples to those for kids. Check them out!
Outdoor activities are often misunderstood. They don't just include extreme, adventurous sports, but even simple activities like a day out at the park.

Get Sporty

Select a sport that can be played by the entire family. Sports like cricket, baseball, soccer, etc., require several players.
You can book a ground near your home and call in the entire family. Invite relatives and friends who live nearby if you're falling short of players. Make sure one game spans at least half a day.

Bike to Hike

Hire bicycles for everyone in the family, and together, go on a small biking expedition. If you're looking for last-minute plans, you could just plan a small hike with everyone, or just with your better half.
What's more? Take a tent and camp the night. You can also combine the biking activity with hiking. If you're involving kids, make sure you don't plan anything very ambitious.

Capturing Fall

As a solo activity, you can travel around town and capture the fall season at different times during the day.
The different hues of the season, the rustic color of the falling leaves, and the overall glory of nature make for superb frames. Take a drive through the countryside and settle down in the woods for a day. You can also ask your partner to accompany you and turn this into a common romantic activity.

Kids Day Out

Want to spend some fun, quality time with your children? Introduce them to the concept of a road trip, by planning a week-long road trip with them.
You can also introduce them to newer adventure sports, and help them pursue the ones they like as a hobby. These could include rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, etc., depending on their age.
While there is no shortage of fall activities in general, it's always better to do something you haven't tried so far. Try your hand at a new outdoor sport, visit a place you've never been to before, or just eat at restaurants you never have.