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Outdoor Family Games

Sheetal Mandora Jan 22, 2019
Planning a fun family reunion this weekend? You will need some outdoor family games to make it a success. Take a look at few of the suggestions for your special family day...
Every family, once in a while, needs to spend some quality time with one another. Not just parents, but even children these days have tons to worry about. With work, school, and chores at home, it won't be wrong to say that hardly anyone gets to eat a meal together.
If this is the situation at your place or you are the kind of family that loves to spend their weekends having some fun and adventure, then you should organize some outdoor family games.
Kids used to play out before the invention of video games and cell phones. But now, all that has changed and they have become less active. You can kill two birds with one stone. Playing fun games will not only provide everyone with a great physical fitness, but also bring your family closer. So what are you waiting for?

Games for Families

One of the best things about planning a family reunion or a family weekend together are the games. Family games are fun for all ages and give you a chance to interact with one another. Check out these great outdoor games.

Musical Chairs

For this game, you will need one less chair than the total number of people participating in the game. To play the game, have someone (who doesn't wish to play) hold a small boom box. Arrange the chairs in a way that every alternate chairs face the same direction. Ask the person who has the music to look the other way and turn the music on.
Everybody stands in a line and as soon as the music starts to play, walk around the chairs lined up. When the music stops, sit on the closest chair in front of you before anyone else gets a chance. Whoever is left standing, they are out. Take one chair out again and follow the same instructions. Whoever is left sitting on one chair in the end, wins.

Crossing Steps

In this game, you'll need to make a grid of 10x10 on the sidewalk. Now, each player will stand in 1 square and when the game begins, the players will move to an empty square. You will need to time every move as you cannot cross over someone or come to stand in a square which is occupied.
If you can't find an empty square and are stuck for more than 1 round (meaning other players have already crossed and you're the one remaining), you'll be out of the game. The game keeps going until there's one player left in the end.

The Fruit Basket

To play the game, ask everyone to stand in a tight circle, without leaving any gaps between one another. Each person has to choose a fruit (banana, tomato, grape, apple, cherry...). One person will be standing in the middle of the circle who's called It.
Now It will call out a fruit's name. Everybody else who choose that fruit will run to a different area from where they were standing; preferably an empty area left by another player of the similar fruit group.
You can stand directly next to where you were standing before and nobody can stand in their same spot. It will try to get into one of the empty places left by the players, leaving another person to take It's position in the middle. If It didn't get a chance to step into an empty space, he/she has to do this thing all over again, with a new fruit.

Pick My Pocket

Take a large cloth (unused or one which can be cut) and make as many strips as the players. Now, all the players will keep 1 strip in their back pocket, with a little piece hanging out. When the whistle blows, everyone will try to grab the strips from each other's pockets.
The player with the maximum strips will win the game. In the game, if your strip has been taken, you still have a chance to get someone else's back in order to stay in the game.

Scavenger Hunt

To organize a scavenger hunt, you need to divide the players into 2 equal groups. Plan ahead as you will have to hide all the clues for your hunt beforehand. Make 2 maps of the entire area of where the hunt will take place, making sure to keep it in a safe neighborhood or park.
Write down all the clues in small pieces of paper and hide in unimaginable places. If you have organized the hunt, don't participate. Instead, be a judge for the game to make sure no one cheats. Whichever team comes back with all the clues solved, wins a prize.

Capture the Flag

This game is really simple to assemble, but tough to play (physically challenging). You need 2 flags for this game and divide everyone in 2 groups. Now on the field, place the flags at both ends, as far as possible, and keep a goalie. When the whistle blows, the players of 1 team will try to take the flag of the other team, and vice versa.
Here, apart from stealing other team's flag, you will also have to defend your flag. Whichever team manages to keep their flag safe and steal the other team's flag the most, wins.

Marco Polo in the Pool

Marco polo is one of the most popular games as you can play it in the pool and on the ground as well. Everybody chooses It who has to be blindfolded or closes his/her eyes. All the players scatter in the swimming pool and asks It to duck into the water.
As It comes out of the water, he/she has to shout Marco loudly. Other players who are at different corners of the pool will reply saying Polo. The players have to save themselves from being tagged by It. Whoever gets tagged has to become to new Marco.


No, I'm not asking you to paint the balloons. What we are doing is altering the game of paintball. Instead of using a paintball gun, we will use balloons filled with colored water or better yet, Kool-Aid. Divide yourselves into 2-3 teams and fill the balloons with colored water or Kool-Aid.
Now the trick here is, each team will choose 1 color to represent themselves.Let's say you have 3 teams, then team #1 will use red, team #2 will use blue, and team #3 will use green. Once the whistle blows, hide and navigate yourself to the opponents and get them drenched with your color.
The main idea of organizing these amazing games is to bring everyone together and have a great time. Bring snacks and plenty of fresh fruit juices to your outdoor family fun, and enjoy playing some family fun games.