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Ideas for Outdoor Activites For Toddlers

Rahul Thadani Nov 24, 2018
Toddlers are children around 2 years of age. At this stage, any form of exercise and activity that they can get, helps them develop their motor skills. Outdoor games serve the purpose, and are also great ways to have some fun with your child.
Kids, in their toddlerhood, have seemingly infinite bundles of energy, but simultaneously possess very short attention spans. Outdoor activities help them get some exercise, and also teach them to appreciate their surroundings.
It is advisable that you encourage these from an early age to avoid infatuation to video games and television. Needless to say, activities and craft ideas for toddlers also keeps them out of your hair for a while.
However, some activities will require you to keep a watchful eye on them. Anyhow, they can end up being great learning experiences for your kids. Here are a few ideas in case of outdoor games for toddlers.

Follow The Leader

This is a game that you can initiate. Explain to the child how the game works, and perform various movements in order to entertain him/her. You can run around, hop, skip, or roll on the ground, and watch them squeal with excitement while imitating you. After a while, tell the toddler that he/she is the leader, and follow the movements.


This can be enjoyed not just by toddlers, but even by adults of all ages.
Find a suitable spot to draw a hopscotch board, and show the child how the game works. Once he/she has learned how to do so, they can play with their friends as well. Apart from being a fun outdoor activity, hopscotch also teaches them the basics of balance and coordination.

Fence Painting

This can teach the children how to identify different colors. It also gives them an opportunity to learn how to paint. It is advisable to stick some paper on the fence beforehand, to prevent the fence from getting too messy.

Planting Seeds

This activity is less of a game, and more of a social task. You can plant some seeds in a garden, and tell the kids to water them daily.
This gives the toddlers something to look forward to, and enables them to help the environment in their own little way. Once the plants sprout, the kids are bound to develop an attachment to them.


This is a great game to help your toddler learn how to walk properly. It greatly improves the sense of balance and strength in the tiny tot's little body, and teaches him/her to distribute the body weight properly. Ensure that the children watch you do it, before setting on it themselves. You can show them how to tiptoe backwards and sideways as well.

Rope Walking

Develop balancing skills, keep a long rope on ground, making the kid walk on it.

Pretend Beach

Build an imaginary beach in the garden, using a tub of water and other beach props like a floating tube, a lifeguards chair, a large towel, etc. You can even carry a picnic basket that helps create the picture that you are actually at the beach.

Spray Painting

This can be a lot of fun if done properly. The splash of colors and different designs that they can come up with, makes this an enjoyable, toddlers' activity. Get a spray can that's easy to use, hang an old bed sheet, and watch your child go crazy with them.

Car Wash

Here is an activity that you can undertake with your kids, and ensure that they have an absolute blast. You also get your car sparkling clean. Make sure beforehand that you use tear-free soap, as it's very likely that the kids will end up with some in their eyes.

Attracting Butterflies

Toddlers will always possess a great fascination for butterflies. Attracting and attempting to catch them, is a greatly enjoyable game for kids. Butterflies are attracted to bright colors, so you can make arrangements to have such plants in your garden, that will attract them.
These were just a few basic outdoor activities that help in child development. You can also indulge your kids in some crafting activities, to induce steady hand-eye coordination. With a little more imagination and experience, you can come up with loads of other activities that are sure to get them excited and interested.