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Picnic Game Ideas

Pump Up the Fun With These Ceaselessly Fun Picnic Game Ideas

A picnic is a breather in our daily chores and a source of utmost recreation and entertainment. The day becomes immensely joyful with games and activities arranged for and of course being in the company of friends and family altogether, brings about a different experience. Keep reading this article to know the best ways to enjoy a picnic.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Families enjoying a barbecue
Picnic is all about having fun. You go out for group hangouts to nearby spots and spend the entire day frolicking with kids, friends and family. You carry toys for your kids, plan for games and activities so that not even the mildest pinch of boredom is felt. And then eating together, endless gossiping and ample entertainment goes throughout the day. All in all, this fun-filled occasion is simply incomplete without recreation and a handful exciting games. Here are some options for games that you can include in your picnic plans.
Games to Play at a Picnic
Truth or Dare
One of the best picnic games for adults is truth or dare. Form a circle and sit. Now spin a bottle until it stops. The person at whom the mouth of the bottle points has to either speak up the truth (the answer to the question asked by other group members) or perform something daring (as ordered by group members).
Tug Of War
Tug of War
Divide the total number of participants in two groups. Get a strong rope and let both the groups pull the ends of the rope from the opposite direction. There will be a boundary, within which the groups will line up face-to-face. The group that draws the opponent group towards itself, forcing all the members to cross the boundary is the winner.
Sack Race
This is one of the most entertaining of all picnic games. Carry a few sacks with you. Help kids to wear the sacks and ask them to hold tightly at its top. Make them stand in a row and blow the whistle, 'get set go'! And they run wearing the sacks. Some will fall, some will run and one will win. Make sure that they run over grass and not on concrete or any rough surface.
Catch Me If You Can
The game is for kids. Make them stand in a circle and pick up the den (the one running) with the help of a poetry. The kid on whom the last word of the poem ends will be the one running. The den runs after all the kids and the first one to get caught will be the next den. And the game goes on. Trust me this is real fun. The kids will be swarming like bees when chased by the den.
Hula Hooping
Hula Hooping
It's not actually a competition but everyone will enjoy hula hooping. Stack the rings or the hoops one after another. Form a circle and play the music. Twist your body and try to balance the hoop around your waist. Keep swirling your body simultaneously with the hoops and the music is there to boost up your energy.
Passing the Parcel
We all know this game very well. Isn't it? Nevertheless, I remind you again in case you have forgotten how to play. Make as many paper chits as possible. Jot down what participants have to do when they are stuck with the parcel. You can make him act, sing, mimic, dance, etc. Now, form a circle and sit. Play the music, pass on the parcel to one after another. And then stop the music suddenly. The person who holds the parcel has to pick up a chit and do whatever is instructed in it.
Soccer Ball Bowling
You have to carry the playing equipment with you for playing soccer ball bowling. Carry 10, 2 liter plastic bottles or pop cans and 2-3 balls for knocking them down. Arrange the bottles in a row on the ground at 15-20 feet knocking distance. Each player gets two chances for knocking down all the bottles at one shot. Keep 10 rounds for deciding the score and of course the participant earning the highest number of points is the winner.
volley ball
If you have a large group to set for the picnic, then you must carry sports equipment with you. Soccer, volley ball, cricket, dodge ball, badminton, football, baseball, frisbee, etc. are some wonderful sports that can charge you up to have a great deal of entertainment and amusement.
Other Games
Playing Frisbee
The list of picnic games is simply huge. There are so many other options that you can include for that day. Some more games that you can opt for are three-legged race, book balancing on head, chocolate race, pie eating contest, flying disc, discus throw, skipping, blind man's buff, hide and seek, balloon blowing, musical chair, and scavenger hunt. You can also arrange for art and craft activities for kids as well as adults.
With plentiful games in hand, I'm sure you can now sort out easily after discussing with your companions. I would suggest you to pick up simple games that do not require heavy luggage and equipment to be carried along with. Also make sure that everyone can participate in some or other games chosen by you. Till then keep your energy intact and then burst it out on the day for ultimate fun. Enjoy!
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