Picnic Games For All Ages

Fantastic Picnic Games That Can Be Enjoyed By All Ages

Picnics are a great refreshment for everyone, and games make it more fun. Here are some amazing games that people at all ages can play at picnics.
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Picnics are a great way to come together and have some family fun. They take your mind off your daily hectic schedule. It is not true that only kids love picnics, because adults love them too. But to enjoy the picnic completely, games are important.
Games for Kids:
Here are some games which, even though are simple, should be monitored by adults. You can choose a game from list below, based on the location of your picnic.
Tug of War
This is a classic outdoor game. You will need a long and strong rope for playing this game. Make two teams and ask them to hold the two ends of the rope. The middle of the rope should be marked with a tape or a hanky. Now draw a line right below the marked part of the rope, that is, the middle of the rope. The two teams have to pull the rope and the team to cross over the center line to the other side will lose.
Scavenger Hunt
For playing this game, you need a few prior preparations. You have to create clues and write them down on small pieces of paper. Next, you have to hide these clues at proper locations. The first clue will lead to the location of the next clue and so on. The person reaching the end of the hunt first will find the treasure.
Three Legged Race
This is a simple game for smaller kids. Divide all the kids into pairs and make them stand side by side. Now tie one leg of each participant to one leg his partner. The legs to be tied are the inside legs so that they are still standing side by side. Now, the pairs are supposed to race against other pairs with tied legs.
Games for Adults:
Following are some picnic games for adults. They are a little more challenging than the games for kids.
Limbo Stick
To play this game you will need a bamboo or any other kind of stick. Two people have to hold the stick at the two ends. Now the players stand in a single line on one side of the stick. Play some dance music to make it more fun. Each player has to go to the other side of the stick from under it, without stooping or crawling. After every round the stick is lowered some more.
This is the easiest but the most fun game to play at a picnic. The basic concept is that you have to act out a word or a phrase without speaking or mouthing the words. You can choose a theme for your charades game. Movie names is a popular theme. Other themes can be songs, names of famous personalities, famous novels, etc.
Need for Speed
This game is a race. It can be a pie eating contest or who drinks more number of beers, etc. Speed determines the winner. The examples of such games are balloon blowing contest, skipping, running, hurdle race, hula hooping contests, etc. It is one of the best picnic games ever.
The above list of fun activities to enjoy at a picnic, can go on and on. You can even invent you own games to play at a picnic. The above mentioned games can also be easily played by seniors, so I have not mentioned games for seniors separately. The important thing is enjoying yourself, so keep the competition healthy. If you know how to play games fairly you will definitely enjoy them.
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