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Practical Jokes to Play on Friends

Roshan Valder Mar 12, 2019
Here is a collection of all kinds of funny practical jokes to play on people. You could use these pranks anywhere. They are sure to make everyone burst out laughing.
Practical jokes are a favorite pastime for mischievous little devils all over the world, and nobody wants to miss the chance of teasing a friend. You grow horns and give a wicked smile with an evil gleam in your eyes, whenever you sense the perfect opportunity to play your joke.
You start rubbing your hands in delight, and prepare for your assault. Here is a list of the funniest prank ideas. With these, you are sure to have everyone rolling with laughter (except, the victim of course). You could use these in a number of situations.

Simple Prank Ideas

They do not need more than a moment's preparation, but can still get your friends all worked up or confused, all to the amusement of you or the other eye witnesses present.

A Fool's Errand

It involves getting your victim to do a task, that is impossible to do in the first place, or making them try to look for something that doesn't really exist. Also known as a snipe hunt, as it often involves searching for an imaginary creature, created by locals to fool gullible tourists. You could use this in your own setting for creating a similar effect.

Prank Calls

Now who doesn't know about the prank call? The possibilities of fooling a person, who is far away and has no idea who he is talking to, are endless.
Everybody has done it, and it can lead to a great amount of laughter, but could also be dangerous or even illegal, and could get you into serious trouble. Be creative, and use it harmlessly for best results.

Flash Mobs

This needs a large group of people to suddenly assemble at one place, usually as a part of some activity. With text messaging and the Internet, it shouldn't be hard to do. Be careful of the cops though, they don't really like a crowd.

Alarm Clock Prank

Take your friend's alarm clock, set it to a time when you know they will be sleeping and hide it in a corner of the room. They will wake up with a start, when it rings in the middle of the night.
If possible, remove the light bulb to add to their agony, when they have to look for the screaming alarm clock in the dark.

Coin and Glue Prank

This trick is a classic and can keep you laughing for hours together. Take a quarter or any coin, and paste it using super glue on the sidewalk or a busy hallway. You could also do this in a mall, make sure no one knows you have done this.
Then just sit back, and watch the number of innocent victims getting terribly embarrassed, and going crazy trying to pick up the coin.

The Great 'Spill' Accident

One of the many pranks to play on friends is to take a favorite book, or an important file that belongs to the victim, and keep it safely. Now get a replacement that looks just like it, and pour some coffee or some other stain on to it. This should make them go nuts, and also be relieved by the end of it.

Newspaper Prank

Replace the victim's favorite sections of the newspaper, with pages from the last week's paper. This is sure to shock them, especially if they have already read it. It might take them some time to realize what has happened.

Office Prank Ideas

If you like seeing helpless victims fretting over what is going wrong with their system, while you, the perpetrator, enjoy the action in pure amusement, here are some funny tricks you can play on people, using their own computers. You could use them at home or even as office pranks.

Switch the Click Prank

This is a cool and easy prank. Go to the control panel, look for the hardware settings for mouse, and find the option that says switch the primary and secondary buttons. This will switch the left and right click buttons, thereby confusing the person.

Turn the Page Prank

This is a very simple idea, that anyone hardly thinks of. Just go to your friend's browser, choose tools and then options, then change their homepage link, to any hilarious URL you see fit. This is sure to get him really confused, and give you a great premise for a laugh riot. Make sure it doesn't cause any major damage, especially if you do it at work.
Oh! One more thing. You better watch your back, because your victims might just be reading this page looking for revenge. Do have fun playing your favorite jokes, but exercise some restraint, and take a little care, or else the joke might end up getting tragic.
Do not play any extreme practical jokes on people who can't take it, such as heart patients or elderly people. Now make merry you little imps, and create comical chaos everywhere you go. Go ahead and have fun laughing at your victims, but make sure they don't end up crying.