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Practical Pranks for Kids

Charlie S Mar 12, 2019
Practical pranks for kids are sure to guarantee some laughs. What's more, if done right they can be entertaining for others too. Read on to know more about some of the best practical pranks and jokes to play on kids.
We all know that kids love to have fun and they do not leave any opportunity that comes their way while doing so. When playing a prank, it should be clear that these are not done with the intention of hurting or embarrassing anyone.
Pranks for kids should be such that they should actually amuse and entertain the person they are played on. These kinds of pranks can be used to lighten the mood and have a good laugh.

Popular Pranks for Kids

Playing Loud Music

Playing loud music can be a practical prank to be played on your friends who are sleeping. When your friends go to sleep, play a loud song. You can have a nice laugh when your friends wake up suddenly. Don't play this prank repeatedly, as it can be frustrating.

Imitating Others

Simply imitate the other person. This should be done by speaking with a voice which that person has, making facial gestures which he makes and laughing the way he laughs.
If you do this for a considerably long period, the chances are that the other person will enjoy it for a few minutes and then get annoyed―thus fulfilling your motive!

The April Fool Prank!

We all know that the first of April of every year is celebrated as April Fools day. This day can be used to make fun of your friends by playing pranks on them. Before you go to school on this day, properly plan with your friends and accordingly deal with people whom you will be targeting.
When that particular guy arrives in school, ask him to do several jobs such as putting the registers and books in the cupboard, solving all the questions of a mathematics chapter, etc. When he asks the reason for doing this, you should simply tell him that the class teacher has instructed him to do so. Keep enjoying the things the tensed guy will do.

Hiding Important Things!

While at school, hide the compass box and books of a student and give them back to him only after he spends at least half an hour searching for them. At home, you can simply hide your sister's or brother's mobile phone, keys, jacket, shoes or wrist watch and have a nice laugh!

The Gift Box Prank!

Here is a practical prank for kids which needs much more effort from their side than the other mentioned pranks. Take a big gift box and decorate it well from outside. Inside the box, instead of keeping the gift, have another box. Now, again, inside this box, have one more box and in it keep some red chilies.
Hand over the box to your friend and tell him that you have bought a gift for him. As your friend opens the boxes, his curiosity will keep on increasing until he sees the red chilies. You would definitely have to brace yourself for some 'behavioral advice' from him after this episode is over!
The aforementioned practical pranks for kids need a good sense of humor on the side of the kids. However, if you try these pranks again and again, you will surely get into a soup!