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Pranks to Play on Friends

Abhijit Naik Nov 24, 2018
Some pranks that you can play on friends and have a hearty laugh while you see them caught in odd situations. Make sure the friend on whom you are playing these pranks is sporty, or else be prepared to flee.
Candid Camera has been amusing the American audience for quite some time now. Though we get amused by the rib-tickling pranks they put up, we can't really match up to them, mainly because they spend a huge sum in making these programs.
However, you don't have to be disheartened, as there is no dearth of funny pranks. More importantly, you don't need to spend money on these pranks. You just require some household items, good sense of humor, and some funny ideas.

A Hole in the Sand Prank

This is a prank that you can play on your friends when you are chilling at a beach. You won't require much planning. If your friend is lying on a towel, send him away for some time on the pretext of getting something. While he is gone, remove the towel and dig a hole in the exact place where he was lying.
After you are ready with a decent hole, cover it with the towel. Make sure that you arrange things as they were before. He shouldn't suspect any foul play when he returns. With the set up ready, just wait back and have fun. The moment he sits on the towel to lie down, he will go inside the hole and you can have a hearty laugh.

The Gift Prank

Everyone's excited about gifts, so prank gifts are a hit. If any of your friend is looking forward to own a pet dog, give him a slight hint that you are planning to gift it to him on some occasion. Be sure you don't make it obvious, it should be nothing more than a hint. Take a big box and make another friend of yours sit inside it wearing a weird mask.
Tell the person sitting inside to jump on whoever opens the box. Gift wrap the box properly. For a little realistic feel, make your friend move around in the box or tell him to make some noise. Your friend will be quite excited to see the big gift and, as a natural instinct, will be in hurry to open it.
When he does open it, he will get the shock of his life. You can also use an audio player with good speakers in this prank. Just record the sound of a dangerous dog and place it inside the box. Play it as your friend opens the box and have fun.

The Cell Phone Prank

Just get your hands on your friend's cell phone and change your name to that of some other person, ideally a girl on whom your friend has had a crush for a long time. Once you are done with the setup, plant the phone back to where it was.
Now you can start playing various pranks on your friend. You can ring or text him and enjoy his reactions. To take it forward, you can fix a date for the next day at a cafe in your vicinity and reach there with your group before him. You will enjoy the surprising look on his face when he sees you there or when you disclose that you played a prank on him.

Winning Fake Contest Prank

Winning a contest is a rejoicing moment for everybody, so why not use it to play a prank? Create a fake letter stating that the friend, on whom you are playing the prank, has won a lucky customer contest, where one gets to shop at low prices in a grand mall.
To make it realistic you can print a logo and type something like 1st Anniversary Celebration Contest in bold letters. Ask her to be at the mall on a particular day at a specific time to shop to her hearts delight. Now you just have to stay back and watch the fun as she goes to the counter and argues over her win in the contest which never took place!
You can use these pranks to amuse and entertain yourself, and have a hearty laugh seeing your friends in hilarious situations. You can also create your own prank ideas, but make sure that you don't hurt anybody. Sugar in fuel tank and pepper in eyes may seem funny, but they can turn out to be very harmful for the other person.