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Amusing Pranks to Pull on Roommates

Aastha Dogra Nov 20, 2018
When you are staying with a bunch of flat mates, life can be made fun with a few mischievous pranks played well on each other. Read on for some really interesting and funny pranks to pull on roommates.
Do you want to have fun and be friends with your roommates too? Simple, play a few pranks on them to break the ice to become the best of friends. Here is some of the most hilarious pranks list to pull on your friends.
✦ Buy a musical greeting card with an electronic chip. Place the chip under your roomies bed sheet. When he/she lies down, the music will automatically turn off.
✦ In the breakfast, boil a few eggs and start eating them. Ask your roommate if he/she wants an egg too. When he/she says yes, give him/her an egg that is not boiled. So, when your roommate breaks open the egg, he/she will be in a mess!
✦ If your roommate is into reading books, glue the last two pages of the book that he/she is currently reading. When he/she reaches the end of the book but is unable to read it, he/she will truly get frustrated.
✦ Wake up early one day, and tape all the stuff that your friend uses in the morning, starting from slippers, toothbrush, shampoo bottle, soap, cupboard, cornflakes packet, etc., and simply enjoy the expression on his/her face when he/she takes the tape out.
✦ Another easy prank to pull on roommates is to do crazy makeup on their face while they are asleep. You can color their cheeks white, put black eye shadow on their eyelids, blue lipstick on their lips and chin, and so on.
When they look in the mirror the next morning, they will be stunned. If your roommate is a light sleeper, you can paint your face in similar fashion and wake him/her in the middle of the night to scare him/her.
✦ Do not try this on a new roommate or you may soon find yourself in trouble. Take a pink hair dye and pour it in your roommate's shampoo bottle on the day he/she has a presentation in some class. When your friend gives his/her presentation with his/her pink hair, the laughter of the entire class will have to be seen to be believed.
✦ If you are really close to your roommates, you can make them believe that somebody is secretly in love with them. You can write cards, letters, and poems for them and leave at their door.
In one of the letters, mention that you wish to meet them. Persuade your roommate to go for the blind date. When your roommate reaches the decided venue, you and your friends greet him/her there with rounds of laughter!
While pulling pranks on your friends, remember that pranks are fun as long as the one who plays them and the one on whom they are played both enjoy them equally. As long as you keep this in mind, you can have as much fun as you want by pulling pranks on others.