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Preschool Fall Activities

Sheetal Mandora Oct 19, 2018
Keep kids engaged, informed, and entertained with some amazing preschool fall activities. Find all kinds of inspiration here.
The season of fall; when the days are shorter and nights are longer. Outside, the trees are quickly turning yellow and red, as if they are saluting summer. During this time, even preschoolers love to do some fun activities in school.
So keeping the theme of fall going on, we shall look at some educational and exciting preschool fall activities. So grab your paint brushes and thinking caps, because we are going to have some fun kids' art activities lined up for the little munchkins.

Activities for Preschoolers

Kids are most excited about going to school during this time of the year. You want to know why? It's because of all the creative art and crafts projects they are going to do. So when you wish to keep them entertained and grounded with something to keep them distracted and from roaming outside the house/school, just try these engaging activities.

Making Fall Wreaths

Kids love to do messy things, but with our first craft idea, you will surely enjoy making beautiful wreaths.
All you have to do is gather simple materials which are readily available in craft stores. Plus, it doesn't require any hazardous materials that the kids can't work with.

Fruit Wreath

  • Get 8'' white doilies and fruit stickers
  • Take scissors, cut centers of doilies
  • Give kids cut doilies and fruit stickers
  • Place stickers all around the wreath
  • Hang fruit wreaths or glue green construction paper

Leaf Wreath

  • Have kids collect fall leaves
  • Cut middle section of few paper plates
  • Give plates to kids and let them cover it with glue
  • Glue leaves all around the plate
  • Hang leaf wreaths on the wall or door
  • Also, add colorful bows to the wreath

Feather Wreath

  • Get small colorful feathers
  • Cut out middle sections of some paper plates
  • Let the kids cover the sides of plate with glue
  • Carefully place colorful feathers all around the plate
  • Hang feather wreaths on the wall or door

Painting with Fingers

The next activity is all about painting; finger painting to be exact. Every chance you get, sit with your kid or younger sibling and try it. You are definitely going to go back to your childhood days.


  • Gather 3 tbsp. sugar, ½ cup cornstarch, 2 cups cold water, 6 drops liquid soap, 12 drops food color
  • In a microwave bowl, mix sugar, cornstarch and water
  • Heat for about 3 minutes, get it thick
  • Lastly, add liquid soap and food color
  • Cool it and store in airtight container
  • Your cornstarch finger paint is ready for use

Corn Syrup

  • Corn syrup is glossy
  • Get few thick craft papers
  • Put at least 1 spoonful corn syrup on each of the papers
  • Put 2 to 3 drops of food color on the syrup
  • Ask kids to use fingers and mix the color
  • Start making designs with the colors all over the papers

Play Dough

  • Put different play dough colors in bowls, add water
  • Let kids put their fingers in play dough mixtures
  • Start dipping fingers in different colors and paint
  • Or, keep play dough on few papers
  • Add water and ask kids to mix the paint all over the papers

Making Paper Plates

For our third activity, why don't we make some cute creations with paper plates? Paper crafts are simple to make and gives kids a chance to learn something new.

Paper Flower

  • Trace a kid's hand on 3 color papers
  • Get at least 10 hand print cutouts
  • Either glue or staple hand prints in a circle around a plate
  • Base of hand inside, fingers outside
  • Make smaller circle inside first with 2nd hand print color
  • And lastly, glue 3rd hand print color
  • Glue small piece of color paper in the center of flower

Paper Sun

  • Trace kids' hands on yellow color paper
  • Cut out at least 7 hand prints
  • Glue of staple hand prints around the plate
  • Base of hand inside, fingers outside
  • Draw sun's mouth and nose
  • Draw eyes and glue googly eyes

Paper Fish

  • Get some white paper plates
  • Cut wedges out of paper plates
  • Use the wedge as the fish's tail
  • Glue or staple the tail at the end of the fish
  • Use a googly eye and glue it
  • Color the fish, draw scales and lips
  • Also, make a tiny fish and hand it on large fish's mouth
Try these amazing preschool activities with kids. They will love it and it will also enhance their creativity. Aren't these perfect activities to bond with the kids?