Quick Team Building Activities

Quick and Fun Team Building Activities for Both Adults and Kids

A successful team is one where all members work together as one unit to attain a common goal. This article provides you with some effective and quick team building activities that will help create a rapport among the group members.
"It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that's the hard part." ― Casey Stengel

Today, companies have started to give more importance to teamwork. Teamwork, no doubt, plays a central role in increasing employee productivity. If the team does not have a way of thinking and working, it will in not reach the goal it has planned to achieve. The best method of getting all the team members work together is to plan and execute some good and quick team building activities, which are the best options to create a team spirit among members, and are also easy to plan and execute. This will work in two ways; to begin with, it would reduce job stress, and secondly, the team members will get to know each other better.

For the Workplace

The Scavenger Hunt
  • One of the best team building activities is the scavenger hunt game. It does not require a lot of time to plan and can be done in minutes.
  • The manager needs to make a list of the activities and the answers that the team members should find out.
  • See to it that the activities and the solutions are related to the workplace.
Board Game
  • Another quick game is the usual 'kids' stuff', which can be played using some stationery items and materials. You will normally require things, such as a poster-board, markers, cards, etc.
  • Make a board game with the general functions that your company performs and also cut out cards that have job-based questions.
  • These questions should be answered to move forward on the board.
  • A dice is to be used to find out how many spaces you need to move.
  • This will build teamwork as well as increase the knowledge of the company processes.
There are many types of activities that are related to role-playing and group discussions, which greatly contribute to corporate team building.

For Kids
  • All kids love to have fun; you can have them play any game which is interesting.
  • 'Zoom' is a good game for kids. It consists of a team trying to make a story out of randomly-distributed sequential pictures.
  • The 'follow the leader' games too are fun-filled team building activities for kids. One person is made a leader, and the others are asked to copy his behavior.
  • Another good game that can be played is to ask children write three things on a paper, out of which one is a lie. Then, ask other participants to find out which ones are true and which one is a lie.
  • The traditional 'tug of war' is also a good game for kids to make them understand the importance of teamwork in their lives.
These are just a few of some good, quick team building activities and games. At the workplace, these kinds of games really freshen up team members to do their jobs effectively and in a relaxed manner.
Boys pulling a rope
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