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Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

Leena Palande Jun 18, 2019
Rainy days don't have to be always boring; they can be rather cheerful for toddlers if some activities are undertaken to keep them amused. Keeping the kids busy can be quite a task. Know about indoor, as well as outdoor rainy day activities.
"Do not, on a rainy day, ask your child what he feels like doing, because I assure you that what he feels like doing, you won't feel like watching!"
- Fran Lebowitz
On a beautiful rainy morning, as you throw a glance outside, you find a welcome sight for winter-sore eyes, and you notice that the new growth is greener, richer, and more colorful overnight. You are in a mood of enjoying the rich woodsy aroma of damp soil. Or you want to stay in and curl up, and read with a hot cup of coffee.
You plan to sit relaxed beside the big window, and hear the soft sound of the droplets descending from barely budding leaves to the ground below. You think that you would let your kids sleep in and enjoy the morning, just a little bit longer.
But the kids won't. They get up early, and are also in a mood to enjoy the rains. If such a weather keeps you and your kids from heading outdoors, here are some activities for kids that can keep them busy.

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

There are numerous entertaining, educating, and fun activities that can be undertaken with toddlers. If you call their friends and let them enjoy together, you will also be able to enjoy some free moments. Or you can play and enjoy with them.
Painting and sketching are the best activities. Give them lots of colors and papers, and they will be engrossed in painting for the entire morning.
You can give them plain umbrellas and some fabric paints, waterproof glue, and plastic decorations. Painting umbrellas can be one of the most interesting activities for such times.
Play some music and songs that are meant for kids. If the melody and the rhythm succeed in drawing the attention of your little one, just indulge in a little jig with your kid, or pick him/her and do a waltz along with the music.
You can arrange some games that can keep them engrossed. Playing cards, playing with building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, mold clay, etc., are few activities loved by children.
You may give small plastic bottles and lids to your child. He will have lots of fun in matching lids to bottles; putting them on, taking them off, and starting all over again.
Tic-tac-toe, dots and squares, hangman, etc., can keep your children busy for at least half an hour. Through such simple activities, kids learn a lot.
You can teach them packing gifts or making Christmas presents like Santa hats. You can read them stories or play a CD for them. While listening, they can learn making paper boats.
Arranging a scavenger hunt at your home (your dog will also participate), decorating rooms, placing pictures on the walls, preparing attractive and colorful greeting cards, filling a scrapbook, preparing paper and cardboard items using simple origami techniques, etc., are some more activities.

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

Shopping and eating out in a mall with your kids, is one of the best things to do on a rainy day. You can also go to a nearby multiplex, and watch the latest cartoon film with your children.
Kids will enjoy a lot if you visit a museum, planetarium, aquarium, etc., with them. Outdoor games for toddlers include placing paper boats on water and watching them float away, planting seeds in the garden, and playing soccer in the rain, etc. No great imagination is needed to enjoy this weather; Simply have a puddle walk and splash water on each other.
If it's raining like cats and dogs, you may create the atmosphere of a picnic in your living room by spreading some mats, quilts, and cushions on the floor. If you have some plants, it could help to complete the effect.
Make some sandwiches or favorite chocolate chip cookies, and serve them with hot chocolate. Enjoy your picnic with the sound of heavy rainfall in the background.
Some party games like London bridge, cat and mouse, etc., are some of the best ones for toddlers, which can be enjoyed on a rainy day. Arranging activities for kids during such times requires a little bit of imagination and love.
There is no need to spend a lot of money while implementing these ideas. Kids can have fun with puzzles, games, quizzes, cooking, hide and seek, art and craft, etc.