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Random and Mad-as-a-hatter Things You Can Do Only With Friends

Random Things to Do With Friends
There are scores and scores of random things that you can do with your friends. What might those be? Read the following article for ideas and tips.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 05, 2018
If you're stuck in a rut and need to nudge yourself out, you should read this piece and come right out. These are some of the most random things to do with friends, and you'll want to try each one of them.
friends fun at restaurant
What are friends for if not to have fun with? No one to judge you if you cross over to the 'weird' side, 'cause they are right there doing the same thing.
Embarrass a Friend
All this should be done in jest, mind you. So pick a friend who can take a joke and gets conscious easily. When you're in a public place like a restaurant, go down on your knees, extend your hand and ask them if they'll be your lab partner/shopping buddy/buy you an Xbox―anything random that does not go with the action.
Say it out loud so everyone can hear and say you won't get up till they've agreed to it. Keep repeating the request and ask the waiter to play a romantic song. It's so ridiculous, your friend will probably give in. It's more fun is if you do it to the same-sex friend. If it doesn't work, ask your other friends to join in and nudge him further.
'Harass' a Salesperson
Two fashionable teenage girlfriends choosing clothes
Get into a clothes shop and ask for a cloth size that is either too tight or too loose. When the salesperson starts to give you your correct size, insist that you want the other. When they give in and give you the piece, try it out and then come complaining that it doesn't fit.
Either that or get your friends around to come out and clap when you exit the changing room. One of the most fun things to do with friends, really.
Dress Funny
Take up a table in a restaurant and take turns acting out dares. For example, you could ask a friend to open up an umbrella inside the restaurant and sit with it. Ask another to tie one side of her hair in a pig tail, the other in a bun and take a round around the restaurant. You can come up with several things like these.
Stage a Gay Scene
Choose a public place and play a prank on a friend with this prank idea. While he eats at a restaurant, ask another guy friend to come along and profess his undying love for him. The friend is not keyed in on it so it'll be a camera moment to catch his expressions.
Order for a Funny Dish
backgammon tavla game
Go to a high-end restaurant and when the waiter comes to take your order, start ordering for foreign dishes that are not on the menu. Put on a fake accent to show that you're not from around. Keep the act going for as long as possible.
Act Like a Nut
Stand on a crowded street and approach anyone, then ask for directions. When they look at you, turn into a cock-eyed person, they'll be completely shocked and won't know how to react.
Or you could even stop them and start stammering when you talk, taking your time with the words. The frustration and the sheer patience, it'll take for them to take the conversation through, and the look on their face, so much worth the embarrassment.
Drive Around
Female Driver Bliss On Car
Just get into the car and drive around doing whatever comes to your mind. It could be stopping at signal and blowing bubbles, it could be going to the beach and building sand castles or covering up a friend in sand. Anything random, without a schedule to follow.
If you're not getting out of the house and need some really fun and random things to do with friends at home, play any of the indoor games that you played in your childhood. Try a scavenger hunt, or a ridiculous hose pipe fight in the backyard, or even a game of hide and seek gets the adrenaline pumping fast. Also, you can come up with a list of your own.