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10 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season Ever

Smruti Hingnikar Oct 19, 2018
"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home." ― Edith Sitwell.

Hoodies and Jackets

Winter is an automatic favorite for those people who are obsessed with hoods and jackets. As this season lasts long, pull out all your favorite hoods from your closet, and wear all of them one by one! Also, explore your hat fetish too.
Did you know?
Hoodies were a symbol of rebelliousness and isolation. This clothing was often worn by armed robbers to hide their identity.


Imagine yourself sitting on a bench in mild sunlight with a hot cup of coffee in your hands. Doesn't this view sound really wonderful? Coffee does that to you. It adds value to your mood. Ask that to any coffee lover!
Did you know?
The most expensive types of coffees are made from poops. Black Ivory Coffee, from elephant's dung, costs $50 per cup, and Kopi Luwak, AKA civet, from mongoose feces, costs $160 per pound. Now enjoy your coffee! ;)


Winters would be incomplete if you cannot experience snowfall. A beautiful white and soft covering all over the streets and houses like a blanket looks mesmerizing.
Though, it can be a pain in the butt if you have some important work outside, and you can't really get out. But anyhow, beauty doesn't come easy!
Did you know?
Snow is actually colorless. It always has six sides. And if you are scared of snow, then you suffer from Chionophobia!


Think of those days when the sun is so reluctant to rise and shine, and you're freezing in the cold. Guess who comes to your rescue?
The fireplace! A cozy corner in your house, in front of your comfy couch, it burns bright and warms the place. You could dream about anything and everything at that place.
Did you know?
Wood smoke is not at all healthy to breathe. It is as bad as cigarette smoke; and probably much worse. Heartbreaking!

Blankets and Beds

Another good thing about winters. You can sleep in your warm blanket on your soft bed for as long as you want, and you always have an excuse of, 'It's too cold even to peep outside the bed!"
Since the nights are longer during the winters, some of us lazy ones will be fortunate enough to see a sunrise. Yippee!
Did you know?
Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's bed was crafted from gold. And, the Japanese do not even sleep on beds. Now, you can wonder how they escape these freezing days!

Cuddling, Kissing, and Cozy

One of the wonderful things to do. Just hold your guy the whole day long, and listen to his intoxicating voice and heartbeats. Or, cuddle your girl like a doll, and listen to her nonstop talks and watch her sleep! Simply kiss each other. Got carried away?
Did you know?
Cuddling reduces stress, and it can lead to more, since it releases dopamine. Your kissing style actually originates in the womb. Two-third of us tilt our head to the right while kissing. What about you?

No Sweating

Nothing to be explained. Sweating isn't that sexy anyway.

Did you know?
Men have slightly saltier sweat than women, and they also sweat, on average, 40% more than women.

Hot Bath

Just go inside your bathroom and turn on your hot shower, or may be dive into hot water in your tub. You will never feel like coming out of it. No wonder you get late for work when it's winter!
Did you know?
Studies show that men who took cold showers were found to have more amount of testosterone. That can be compromised in the winters.


Scientifically, alcohol doesn't keep you warm. It just brings the blood closer to your skin, and that is the reason why you feel warm and red. But who cares?
A little brandy with your hot yummy food, or a few shots of vodka, will not make do harm anyway!
Did you know?
Wine Doesn't Make You Fat. Hurray!!!!

Write Something

Since the winter season is so full of beauty and divinity of mother nature, you tend to think more beautifully and creatively.
You will always find yourself thinking of something as soothing as snowfall outside your window, and cuddling with your love inside your house near a fireplace. Struck a story line? Start writing now!
Did you know?
Everything doesn't need to be factual. A few things can come straight from the heart.
Winter is definitely the best season of the year. So enjoy - HAVE A HAPPY WINTER!!