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Recreational Activities That You Can Enjoy at Manas Resort

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 24, 2019
Stressful work routines can get the better of your mental health. Indulging in some recreational fun activities at a serene place can help you have a sound mind and a sound body. Manas Resort at Igatpuri can be your ideal pick as it offers interesting activities that will help you feel rejuvenated.

Treat Yourself with an Ayurvedic Spa

In the pursuit of an urban life, it's crucial to pause for a while and relax. A rejuvenating ayurvedic spa therapy sounds like the best way to gain composure. Manas Resort offers refreshing ayurvedic spa therapies that will make you feel relaxed. So bust your stress and hit the calm by indulging in the spa therapy at Manas Resort!

Take a Dip in the Infinity Pool

Swimming is an awesome stress reliever. So why not dive into the swimming pool at Manas Resort and get rid of the unwanted stress. The resort has a dedicated swimming pool for adults, additionally it has an Infinity Pool where one can stretch their muscles with aqua aerobics.

Sip a Drink under the Waterfall

Don't wish to swim? Well, then you can enjoy sipping a drink under a man-made waterfall at Manas Resort that falls 20ft from the infinity pool straight into the kids swimming pool. Manas Resort’s lush green surroundings make the man-made waterfall look like a beautiful natural waterfall!

Feel Pawsitive at Manas Resort

Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is home to the cutest canine members including Japanese Akitas, Rough Collies and French Bulldogs. Play with these furry friends, give them gentle head scratches (it’s their favourite!) and watch them wag their tails!
You’ll enjoy your leisure time with the floof buddies at Manas Resort as they are well-trained and friendly.

Spend Time with the Feathered Friends

Manas Resort has produced a favourable setting for its human-friendly winged members. You can walk-in the aviaries anytime of the day and be pleased in the company of Macaws, African Grey Parrots and Silkie Bantams.
Every visitor at Manas Resort can have a great time with the feathered friends, as they are well trained to mingle with visitors of all ages.

Play Indoor and Outdoor Games

Physical activities like Indoor and Outdoor games are the best way to help you feel energized and pumped up! Manas Resort offers you an arena where you can play all sorts of Indoor and Outdoor games right from Chess, Pool, Table Tennis to Cricket, Volleyball. Make the best of your stay by playing these fun games at Manas Resort!

Witness Live Music

Nothing can lift your spirits up quite like Music. So don't miss the great performances by the talented artists at Manas Resort's live music concert! Upcoming live music concerts at Manas Resort await you! Hit the dance floor, let the music elevate your mood and bring you ecstasy!

Activities for Kids

There’s no dearth of activities for kids at Manas Resort. The resort conducts drawing competition for kids in its green lush surroundings. It also has a swimming pool for kids where they can enjoy taking a dive. Being the only resort with a unique petting zoo, Manas Resort lets kids have a great time with its trained animals and birds at the zoo.

Other Activities At Manas Resort

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is known to improve the mental health. Manas Resort with Petting Zoo near Mumbai is one of its kind petting zoo that conducts animal assisted therapies with the help of its tailed and winged residents. You can bring your pets along to run free around the 15000 sq. ft off-leash pet park. Manas Resort also has activities for your furry child.

Indulge in Team Building Activities

Establishing a healthy rapport with your team-mates can pave the way to success at workplace. Plan your next corporate outing at Manas Resort and bring along your team for some interesting team building activities to bolster the team bonding. The resort provides all the essential amenities and surroundings for these activities.