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Prank Ideas for Seniors

Senior pranks are acts of fun and amusement that give hilarious, sweet memories for you, your classmates, teachers, and school. Read for some funny senior prank ideas for your high school.
Kanika Khara Nov 20, 2018
A well planned and executed prank can bring loads of fun and excitement in a disciplined and boring school environment. Especially during exams, submissions, etc., a senior prank played by your friends or classmates can relieve you from stress and tension and will give you a much-needed break.
But to successfully execute a prank you need planning, persuasion, creativity, and group of trustworthy friends or classmates. The first thing to be done is to come up with a creative and exciting concept. Next is to plan your logistics and collect the materials that you may require to implement the prank.
Then you have to persuade people to do their assigned job carefully and secretively. The whole idea behind such pranks is that everybody should have a good time. Make sure your prank does not cause harm to any living creature or school commodities or belongings, else you may end up paying unwillingly for the accidental damages that may result from the prank.

Funny Pranks for Seniors

Following are some prank ideas for seniors that are innovative and enjoyable and can be tried with ease during your high school years.

✦ Park your cars in a circle or in a maze shape so that the early morning faculty would have to navigate or search their way through them with a lot of difficulty and confusion.
✦ Set many alarm clocks to go off about 2 minutes from each other. Hide them all around the school like in lockers, bathrooms, classrooms, ceiling tiles, vents, etc.
✦ Create thousands of small bookmarks, write something funny or cryptic on them and keep them in the books of library. I am sure even after 10 years students will still be finding these bookmarks and trying to figure out what they actually meant.
✦ Pranks involving animals can be very interesting. You can bring baby pigs, chickens, etc. and release them throughout the school. Randomly count them as 10 and let only 9 baby pigs or chickens loose in the school.
In this way you can drive your school teachers and officials crazy by making them search for the animal which is not there. But make sure while implementing this prank you don't harm the animals.
✦ Another funny prank students can try is the entire senior class sleeps in front of the school on one night, to feel one with other classmates!
✦ Buy 1000-1200 paper dixie cups and fill them up half with water. Flip them over and keep them all over the school hallways. They will be difficult to get rid of and once removed there will be water all over the place.

✦ For this prank everyone needs to wear a t-shirt with a big letter or number on it.
The letter or number can be of different styles or colors and should be either on the front or the back side of the t-shirt. All you have to do is to stand near people forming words, that can be hilarious and teasing. For example, students having letters like D, O, R and K can run right next to principal and someone can quickly snap a photo.
✦ On your graduation day you can try slipping something into the principal's hand when you shake hands, like a marble, a bouncy ball, a cigarette (if he smokes), a penny, a cookie, etc.
✦ Send letters to all the parents that from now on, at every school dance, there will be condoms available for students. You can send the same letters about the graduation ceremony too!

✦ One of the funniest prank to put a signboard saying "For Sale" in front of the school. To make it "realistic", give a classified advertisement for the same in a local daily!
The mentioned prank ideas are fun to do and will make you remembered by your classmates, teachers and school forever. But one shouldn't forget that there's a fine line between mischief and vandalism, and all high school pranks for seniors should be healthy and entertaining rather than being destructive or revengeful on a teacher or your school.
Rewire or rescheduling things unexpectedly, changing morning announcements, bell schedule, and video broadcasts are some good pranks to play when you are in high school.