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Hilarious Senior Pranks

Rahul Thadani Nov 1, 2018
If a prank is carried out in the right manner, everyone loves it and remembers it. Here are a few examples of high school senior pranks that can really leave a mark in the tradition of the school.
The end of an academic year brings out the very best senior pranks in almost every school, and some of these pranks are carried forward to the future classes as the legacy of a particular class of graduates.
These pranks are great indicators of the togetherness and organization of a class, and are fondly remembered by one and all, for many years down the line. Many schools have that one great prank etched in their history, which is the stuff of legends in the school, and which every class tries to usurp.
Coming out with funny senior pranks also has a great effect of ensuring that everyone has a great laugh and fond memories to look back upon. With the most unique ideas comes an opportunity to really go down in the history of the school, and to have tradition and folklore speak of the amazing legacy of a brilliant prank.
Here are a few examples of high school pranks that have been carried out over the years. Blatantly copying these would be highly unoriginal and lazy, but going through them may help you devise a new and better plan for yourself.

Funny Ideas for Playing Pranks on Seniors

The purpose of carrying out great pranks is to leave a legacy behind. It is better to achieve without any destruction and vandalism though, and all the parties involved should be completely in sync with each other. If the help of an authority is required, he/she must be approached and the students must promise to finance the prank and also clean up after it.
» Sneak into your school at night, and put all the desks and the chairs on the roof.

» Get a lot of seniors together and give them a bunch of bouncing balls. Pick a common time and release all the balls into a crowded cafeteria or hallway.

» Order prepaid food from a bunch of restaurants and have them deliver it to randomly selected people at school.
» Rub some Vaseline on all the doorknobs and railings. Use some ketchup or mustard to enhance the effect.

» Put an advertisement in the newspaper claiming that the land of the school is up for sale.

» Set alarm clocks all over the school to go off in quick succession.
» Release some small animals inside the hallways, just before the classes are scheduled to get over.

» Fill the school fountain with foamy bubble bath powder.

» Switch the ketchup dispenser in the cafeteria with the soap dispenser in the toilets.
» Change the schedule of the school bells.

» Make funny wanted posters of teachers and put them up all over the school.

» Get someone to streak naked around the school. Ensure that he/she wears a mask and does not get caught.
» You can also choose to tie saran wrap around a faculty member's car.

» Fill the hallways with grass or stacks of hay.

» Put polystyrene balls in the air conditioning, so it seems like it is snowing.

» Scatter bird seeds in the parking lot, and pretty soon all the cars will be defiled with bird defecation.
The important thing to remember while coming up with these pranks is supposed to be funny and lighthearted. It should not cause physical damage to any human being or any other object. Destroying the property of the school does not qualify as a prank, and it is simply vandalism. Refrain from performing such activities under any circumstances.
Be original in your approach and try to involve as many people from your class as possible. It's more fun, if the entire class is in on the prank and everyone is contributing in some way.
It lends a greater degree of class spirit into the prank, and also results in the prank being better remembered in the future by students and teachers alike. To leave a legacy of unique senior pranks behind, originality and creativity are the keys.