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Simple Magic Tricks

Sheetal Mandora Jan 25, 2019
Impress family members and friends by learning a few simple magic tricks. Read to find tricks that are quite easy to learn, and perform.

Card Trick #1

Find your volunteer's selected card from the deck. Get a new deck of cards.

✤ Have the volunteer mix the cards up before you begin, and hold them face down. Take out the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cards from the bottom of the deck. Leave the 1st card hidden on the top as it is. This is the secret to your card trick, you will have an extra card on top.
✤ Fan the cards, and show them to the volunteer and your audience. Ask him/her to point at any card to select it. So the 1st card is your 2nd card, 2nd card is your 3rd card, and the 3rd card is your 4th card.
✤ Ask your volunteer to remember all the 3 cards based on their numbers. As you assemble all the cards back in with the deck, you will leave the secret 1st card on top. Now, whichever number of card was selected, accordingly you will take that many cards from the top of the deck and place them in the middle of the deck, individually.
✤ Keep the deck facing down and do the switching. First option, if the volunteer chose 1, then count 1 and take the top card to place it in the middle of deck.

✤ Second option, of the volunteer chose 2, then count 1 and take the top card to place it in the middle of deck. Again count 2, and take the other card to place it in the middle of deck.
✤ Third option, if the volunteer chose 3, then count 1 and take the top card to place it in the middle of deck. Count 2, and take the other card to place it in the middle of deck. And now count 3, and take the next card to place it in the middle of deck.
Your volunteer has no idea that his/her chosen card is still on the top of the deck and it never made its way in the middle.
✤ Now comes the part where you say Abracadabra, wave your hands over the deck, and magically his/her card pops up on the top.

Card Trick #2

Ask your volunteer to choose a card and then magically lift it out of the deck.

✤ Have your volunteer choose a card, and then lose it in the deck. Keep the deck in your left hand, and point your 1st right hand finger over the deck. (If you wish to hold the deck with your right hand, you may do so. Just reverse the following directions)
✤ Now hold the deck so that the face of the card is visible to the volunteer. Rest your finger over the top of the deck. The secret is that your pinky finger's tip will slip in the back of the top card. The card which was chosen from your volunteer.
✤ Slowly lift that finger and the volunteer's card will slide up automatically. For this trick, all you have to do is press the pinky finger in the back of the card and raise it with your hand.
✤ Your volunteer will only be able to see that the card is rising because of your 1st finger. And once the card comes half way, bring your pinky finger in and use your thumb and 1st finger to lift the card. Make sure the volunteer is standing exactly in front of you.

Magic Trick #1

The trick involves displaying 2 different boomerangs in 2 different colors. One will be longer than the other. If you want, you can also make the boomerangs with some cardboard or heavy paper.

✤ Say all the magic words like Abracadabra or Alakazam, and one of the boomerangs will become smaller than the other. Let's see how.
✤ Both the boomerangs are of the same size. The trick is that the boomerang which is on the bottom will start to appear longer. First, you will place both the boomerangs on top of each other. This will show that both are of the same size.
✤ Second, you will only take the top boomerang, and place it below the other. This will make the illusion of one boomerang longer than the other. When you actually look at both the boomerangs, you will start to compare the arcs. This make the entire illusion possible.

Magic Trick #2

Learn the trick of bending the spoon without actually doing so.

✤ Place the spoon between the palms of your hands. Grab it properly and put some pressure over the bowl of the spoon. Remember to keep the spoon's open side up and on a flat surface.

✤ The top of the handle should not be visible to the volunteer, and hence will be covered with both the thumbs.
✤ The positioning of the hands is very crucial, so make sure you are not letting any of your audience member and volunteer take a peek. As you are applying pressure over the spoon's handle to bend, slide the handle into the base of your hands.
✤ As you hold the handle in your hands, the actual appearance will look something as if the spoon has actually bent. Keep practicing the trick so that it looks believable and also you can reverse the entire trick to make it seem as if you fixed the spoon again.
Weren't these some amazing card trick and magical illusions? All these illusions are fun to practice and make everyone guess for hours. Try them out, and see if you have what it takes to do these tricks.