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Summer Activities for Kids

Deepa Kartha Apr 20, 2019
With summer vacations around the corner, many parents are searching for some fun activities for kids. If you are one among them, here we will give you ample information on activities that you can organize for your kids this summer.
Summer is the time when kids are freed from studies and homework, and get ample time to rest and relax. However, most of the time, kids either get watching the television or start feeling bored with nothing to do. Hence, it is important for parents to find some constructive activities that can keep their kids engaged and entertained during the summers.
One of the best ideas would be to enroll them into summer camps for kids, where they will not only be able to play with other children, but also will be taught new things like a sport or may be a musical instrument.
However, if you do not have the option of sending your children to summer camps, there are still many options which you can organize at home. Let us look at some summer activities for kids that are creative and enjoyable.

Fun Activities for Kids During Summer

Summer activities should not only entertain them, but also help them in learning a new skill. It can be something as simple as coloring and painting and also a little complex like a treasure hunt.
Moreover, it need not always be things that are done at home. You can even plan outdoor visits to the museum or zoo, have a nature walk, hike or may be plan some activities in your own backyard. Here are some activities that will add to the summer fun for kids.

Scrapbook Making

Making a scrapbook is one of the best summer crafts for kids. To make a scrapbook, you will need things like an empty scrapbook which is easily available at local stores, marker pens, stickers, glitters and other decorative items. Let your children decide the theme of the scrapbook.
However, if they are finding it difficult, you can suggest a few ideas like scrapbook of a birthday party, a holiday, picnic, etc. Allow your kids to select pictures pertaining to the theme and decorate the pages of the scrapbook according to their wishes.
However, one thing that parents should remember is that most kids will not have the patience to sit for long hours at one place to make the scrapbook. Hence, it would be better to consider it as a one week project. Some other summer crafts that one can plan for kids are paper crafts, paper mache crafts, making paper snowflakes, etc.

Treasure Hunt

Kids love adventure and excitement, and one of the best ways to do this is to organize a treasure hunt at home itself. For older kids, you can extend the treasure hunt into your backyard also. Decide on a treasure which can be anything from a box of candies or maybe some cookies.
Once you have decided on this, hide it in a place and paste clues around the house which will help the kids to reach the final treasure. For little kids, you can hide several coins around the house and ask them to find all of them.
The treasure hunt game is a fun activity which cannot only be organized for older kids, but for 2-3 year old kids. Though you can have this activity just for your kids, it will be great if you can organize it by inviting their friends too.


Little kids are usually very eager to help and so, why not include them in the cooking process. There are several simple recipes that are especially made for kids. One of them includes baking cookies, which are easy to make and are quite enjoyable too.
You can search for some cookie recipes for kids on the Internet along with your kids and allow them to pick one among them. Take a printout of the recipe and ask your kids to write the things that they would need to make the cookies. You can also take them with you to shop for the things.
Cooking together is a good opportunity to teach kids fractions too. But, one thing that you have to remember is that cooking with kids can be quite messy, and you may have a tough time cleaning it up.
However, the time that you and your kids will spend with each other during that time will be worth all the effort that you will have to take later.
Apart from these, you can plan include a visit to the water park, organize some water games at home, play some interesting board games, etc. If your kids are interested in reading, you can enroll them in libraries where they have reading as well as story telling session for kids, especially for summers.
So, whatever activities you plan for your kids, make sure that they are something that match their interests, hobbies and personality.