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Swimming Games for Teenagers

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla Nov 22, 2018
Throwing pool parties is the best thing you can do to beat the summer heat with your pals! Here are some ideas on swimming games for teenagers that you can fall back on if you're headed for a pool party or plan to hit a water park this coming weekend!
If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.
~ Loran Eisely
Indeed! What other element can create and destroy at the same time without necessarily using crushing force or without stirring up so much as a literal storm in a teacup? What other element can overcome an obstacle merely by flowing around it and without so much as budging it an inch?
Water has a plethora of effects on all living creatures and humanity is no exception. In fact, the variety of effects water has on human beings can, at best, be described as mixed.
While most of us love water - be it for quenching thirst, for cleaning ourselves, for giving an aesthetic appeal to our surroundings as well as for recreational purposes - there are a lot of us who are scared of it.
However, no matter how comfortable or overwhelmed you feel in the presence of a vast aquatic expanse, being 70% water yourself, it is often very difficult to refrain from being surrounded by a sense of awe and wonder in the presence of a water body.
The lure of water, whether or not you feel disposed to splash in it, is ubiquitous and only the most ill-humored specimens of humanity would display a dislike for the sparkling attraction of this extremely pliant yet potentially the most powerful element of Nature.
That being said, aquatic recreations such as swimming, diving and various water sports trace their existence since the dawn of Civilization. From professional water sports to recreational water activities for fun, splashing around has always been a great way to amuse oneself as well as de-stress, especially when the mercury hits an annual high!
Therefore, as the season for water sports and aquatic amusements approaches its peak, here are some interesting ideas on swimming games for teenagers that you may find useful if you and your pals plan to throw a pool party or intend to head for an aquatic resort this coming weekend!

Swimming Pool Games for Teenagers

Here is a list of some pretty interesting swimming pool party games that will definitely add a zing to that refreshing, late evening poolside gathering.

Marco Polo

Well, well, true to the name of this legendary explorer, this game is about navigating your way - blindfolded, following sounds. After the person in the pool who is blindfolded, he/she shouts out the word Marco. The others are to respond by shouting out Polo. 
The person makes a dive by following the sound closest to him/her and if he/she manages to catch any of the others, then that person has to blindfold and play shouting Marco  and navigating towards others by following the sound Polo   by making out the directions of others based upon the splashing noises.

Pool Tag

In this game, the person stands in the middle of the pool and throws a soft water toy, preferably a sponge ball, towards others standing/floating along the peripheries of the pool. Whoever gets hit by the toy has to take part by standing in the middle.
To make things more interesting, you can blindfold that person and have the others chant out words or make splashing noises so that the It follows the noises to guide his/her throw. This blindfolded version is another variant of the Marco Polo game.

Water Balloon Toss

Divide the people in the pool in two teams, one on each extremity, and have them toss a water balloon to-and-fro from one side of the pool to the other. The team on whose side the water balloon bursts loses!

Go - Jump/Dive!

In this game, one person stands in the center of the pool while everyone else stands on the side, outside the water. As soon as the person inside the pool calls out Go,  all the others must jump into the pool together.
While the players are in mid-jump, the person inside the water can either call out Jump  or Dive.  The players must modify the way they land in water while still launched mid-air!

Shark and Seals

In this game, the person is the Shark  who, on signal, chases after the others, the Seals,  who attempt to swim away from the Shark as fast as they can. The Seal  who gets caught becomes the next Shark.
Besides these fun swimming and splashing-around games, there are a lot of other popular pool games such as Ping-Pong Scramble, Watermelon Polo, Dolphin Relay, Noodle Joust, Sweatshirt Relay  that are extremely amusing and pack a lot of activity and amusement for swimming pool parties!
A word of caution though - make sure there is adequate provisions for first aid JUST IN CASE  the games get a bit rough and the occasion calls for it! Also, in case of kids playing swimming pool games, make sure that a responsible adult, who is good at swimming, present to keep an eye to prevent accidents or any other incidents may occur with kids.