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Swimming Pool Games - An Invigorating Way to Combat Hydrophobia

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 19, 2019
Games are great way of introducing children to swimming lessons or making your party the greatest hit ever. Here are a few games that you can play this pool party!
There are many kids, who are scared of water and will do everything and anything for avoiding swimming lessons. It is the magnanimity of water bodies and the assumption of helplessness, when in water, that scares children when it comes to swimming.
Therefore, games help introduce them to swimming and are a great way of having fun. Water sports and games are brilliant when there's a large group of friends at a pool party.

Shoulder Wars

To play this game, divide the players into pairs. Each team will have a 'vehicle' and the 'attacker', who sits on the teammates shoulders and attacks the opponent.
The person who carries is the vehicle. The person below, cannot use hands or legs, but has to rely on the sitting atop. Through team work, every pair has to try to knock down the other pairs. The pair that lasts till the end, is clearly the winner!

Marco Polo

This is similar to hide and seek, but only in water. Marco polo, the game, begins when one person is blindfolded and is made to duck, till he/she emerges shouting 'Marco'. Other players, who have scattered shout 'Polo', till one out of them gets tagged. The game continues, as the tagged persons, follows the same drill, till he/she, catches the next 'Polo'.

Treasure Hunt

We all know what treasure hunt is. But this one's different. Treasure hunt in a swimming pool, will require a little more effort than the other type.
You will require a lot of objects that will sink in the swimming. Refrain from using any sharp objects while making this treasure hunt. Rocks, coins, metallic badges can make great treasures for this game. Blow a whistle to start the game. The person who retrieves maximum treasure, is the one who gets the bounty!

Pool Volleyball

There is no explanation for pool volleyball. It is same as volleyball played without the pool. You will need a net, say the badminton net size. Get a good ball which does not have any punctures. Divide the members in teams and let the game begin!

London Bridge

This is an excellent game, which puts your swimming skills to test. This game can be played at the shallow end of the swimming pool or at the deeper end. Two persons will hold hands making at bridge at the surface of the water.
Select tall persons for this games, it just works better. The other players, have to walk under the bridge. Once everyone's done walking, lower the height of the bridge. As the height goes on decreasing, at one point of time, people will really have to swim like a fish to cross underneath it.
These games are a great way of allowing your child to have some fun while teaching him the most important lesson of life. They bring out the best of sporting spirits and are activities that help you tone your body too. So, game on!