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Team Games for Children

Charlie S Sep 29, 2018
Team games are as important for children as various academic subjects. These games inculcate qualities like leadership, trust, understanding, etc. in the kids. Let us see some indoor as well as outdoor games that will help kids develop team spirit.
Team building games teach children the importance of co-operation, tolerance, concentration, the technique of working in a team by keeping aside their personal differences, being punctual and disciplined, obeying the orders of seniors, acquiring leadership skills, and sacrificing personal interests when the team is struggling to win.
When children grow up and enter the corporate or professional world, they are definitely expected to indulge in teamwork. All the lessons and qualities gained in these games will come handy in tackling difficult and challenging situations with self-confidence.

Outdoor Games

Tug of War

This is a game enjoyed much by kids and adults alike. First, divide the equal number of kids in 2 groups. Assign both the teams some fine names, so that the audience or the people seeing the game can cheer for the players.
Before you play this game, tie a ribbon at the center of the rope, which is common to both the teams. A line marked which is not to be crossed by both the teams and the ribbon has to be exactly over the line just before starting the game.
Once the referee blows the whistle, both the team members begin pulling the rope and the team which crosses the marked line will be the loser. This game needs planning, positive thinking, strength, proper management, and co-operation.

Treasure Hunt

In a treasure hunt, 2 teams are formed. Both the teams are given an initial clue which leads them to certain places, where they get their next clue. Both the teams need to keep searching for the clues and reach the final destination, where some kind of treasure is hidden.
The team which reaches that place first, obviously wins the game and ultimately, the prize for the competition, too. This game requires information interpreting skills, presence of mind, concentration, and understanding. Each participant should be able to reciprocate well with the others.

Indoor Games

Alphabet Game

In this game, children form teams of equal number and start making meaningful words from the alphabets given to them.
The team which makes the more number of correct words in the allotted time, wins the competition. This game will help to improve the language skills and the thinking abilities of children.

Solving Riddles and Puzzles

Solving riddles and puzzles which are meant for the children of a particular age group will improve their reasoning, spatial, and mathematical abilities. Many riddles require the participants to do quick calculations to solve them in the given time.
This helps them understand the basic concepts in Mathematics and will prove useful when these children appear for competitive exams later on.

Playing Indoor Sports

Indoor sports such as carom, badminton, and table-tennis (mostly doubles), can help develop the concentration levels and reflexes apart from the recreation and entertainment benefits.
As concentration and hard work are the essential keys to succeed in any field, these games will prove to be very useful in all aspects of life.
Not only are team games great fun for children, they teach important values as well. You may make a few suggestions so that they get started, but you should give your child the freedom to choose his or her favorite game.