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Team Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate Nov 3, 2018
Certain skills such as leadership, trust, teamwork, etc., cannot be learned from textbooks. Here is a brief overview of team games, which can help kids to attain these skills.
Team building games play a vital role in teaching kids the importance of coordination and teamwork, and help them to increase their confidence level. Kids involved in such activities get a chance to know each other and work together in a better way.
They learn skills like leadership, teamwork, trust, and communication. This improves their problem-solving and decision-making skills. Following are some outdoor and indoor team building games for kids.

Ball Toss

This is an interesting game which helps in testing coordination between the kids. In this game, the players have to form a circle. One of the players need to hold the ball and pass it to the player standing exactly opposite to him.
The player receiving the ball should throw it to the one who is standing to the left of the first player. This cycle should continue until all the players handle the ball at least once. To make the game interesting and challenging, the number of balls being circulated can be increased (by one) after every cycle.


The game is played between four teams that are positioned in the four corners of a square. All the teams have to start at the same time and move towards the opposite corner. The interesting part of the game is that the players have to use different modes of movement, viz., hopping, sprinting, crab walk, wheel barrel, crawling, skipping, etc.
The team leader decides the type of movement for his team members. When all the four teams start 'criss-crossing' each other, it would create a bit of congestion at the center. This tests the players' ability to move quickly through the 'traffic' and reach the destination on time. The team which reaches its destination first is declared the winner.

Jumping Rope

It is a simple game which needs a big team and a rope. Two players are required to hold the rope at both ends. Rest of the players need to stand on one side of the rope. When the rope is turned, all the players standing near it should jump at the same time. The team which is able to complete maximum number of such jumps is declared the winner.

Grammar Race

The grammar race is a simple indoor game that is easy to understand, yet challenging to play. Here, players of each team have to form a grammatically correct sentence by giving one word each. The team which completes the sentence quickly is the winner. Points are awarded to the teams on the basis of accuracy of grammar, spellings, and quality of composition.

Tell Three Things

In this game, players are assigned with the task of enlisting three facts about themselves on a piece of paper. Out of the three facts, two should be correct/true while one has to be a lie. Once the process of enlisting facts gets completed, every player has to read out his information aloud.
The audience/rest of the players have to make a guess about the correctness of facts. This game is aimed at helping children to know each other in a better manner.
All these team games help the kids to know each other, and impart the skills of cooperation, communication, leadership, teamwork, trust, etc.