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Fun Team Games Suitable for Large Groups

Kritika Parwani Nov 23, 2018
Though playing games in large groups is always fun, organizing them for large groups can be a bit challenging. But with the right attitude and planning, it does not have to be so.
Whether you are 5 or 50, you can never be too old to play games and while playing them, the more the merrier! Large groups are always better. Team games are a great way of breaking the ice between new recruits and enhance team building spirit! But, let's not forget how much fun it is! Here are a few ideas for large groups.

Games for Adults

Autograph Bingo Game

This is a fun game for new acquaintances and friends to know about each other.
The more the number of participants, the better. Only bingo cards are required and have to be prepared beforehand. Basically, in this game, the goal is to mingle and obtain signatures of people who either have done the things written on their bingo card or have those personality traits listed in them.
Once, any player successfully obtains a full row, just like in a regular bingo game, he has to yell "BINGO!" In the card, you can write facts which are funny, interesting or downright bizarre! For example - 'Has done skydiving before' or 'Has been to Alaska' or even 'Enjoys walking in thunderstorms'. This is an interesting game for adults and youth alike.

Scavenger Hunt

This game works for a group of any size. The larger the group, the more members will be placed in each team. One way to use this game as an icebreaker is to create a photo hunt or maybe a questionnaire hunt.
Instead of collecting items, players can collect photos of the items or even fill out the questionnaire with the help of the item they have to find. This is always a good game to play.

Two Truths and A Lie

In this game, one attempts to identify which of the three statements is bogus. Have everyone sit in a circle and make them prepare three statements about themselves.
Two of the three have to be true and one a lie. Once the person shares the facts with all everyone, they have to guess the false statement. Once the entire group votes, the person has to reveal the truth.

Games for Children

Tower of Mallow

This game is not only fun, but it also teaches the kids about teamwork, cooperation, and coordination. Divide the group into eight or more children. Provide each group with several packets of marshmallows.
The goal of this game is to build a marshmallow tower as high as they can without it falling down. The tower has to be able to withstand on its own weight. The team that builds the tallest tower wins the prize.

King Battles

In this game two groups are made, and one person of each team is selected as the king. The members of each team have to try to kidnap the king of the other team while the other team has to do all they can to protect their king. This is a great team game for schools as well.
There are tons of other activities wthat are not only are fun and exciting, but also are one of the most effective ways of promoting teamwork, organizing qualities and leadership skills. All said and done, all work and no play makes Tom a dull boy, so go on ahead and work hard but play harder!