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Interesting Things You Can Do This Summer and Have Great Holidays

Deepa Kartha Apr 17, 2019
As the holidays come closer, children as well as parents are looking for some interesting summer activities. Here are some amazing ideas, that will help in making the holidays a fun-filled time for kids.
Children are always excited by the thought of summer holidays. The thought of spending 2 months without studies makes summer appealing for them. However, the excitement only remains for a few days, and within a week of the holidays, children start feeling bored with nothing do at home.
This is something very common, and most parents experience such situations. Hence, it would be a great idea to make a list of activities that you can enjoy, so that the kids do not get bored.
Whatever you plan for your kids, you should keep in mind their interests and hobbies. Also, ask their opinion as to what they want to do, so that they do not get bored while indulging in activities planned by you. Here are a few things to keep boredom away from your kids this summer.

Picnic/Slumber Party

A picnic is one of the best things to do with friends. If you have a large lawn or backyard, you can arrange the picnic in the premises itself. If you plan it in the morning or afternoon, it would be important to provide some shade.
Invite your kid's friends, and arrange for some food and drinks, like sandwiches, cookies, finger fries, juices, sodas, etc. You can also arrange outdoor games for the children or some water games during a hot day. If possible, you can extend the picnic into a slumber party.
However, for this, you will have to make arrangements a few weeks before the actual party. Setting a bonfire in your backyard during the night will be a great way of having a sleepover for the kids.


If you haven't gone for a family holiday for a long time, you can do it this summer. There are various travel companies which offer family packages to several places on reasonable rates. Beaches and islands are great places to go in the summer.
However, if you cannot afford to take your kids for a holiday, arranging a short trip to an amusement park, a museum, or a wildlife sanctuary would also be enjoyable.


One of the best things to do is to have your kids learn cooking. The kids can learn a lot of important things like maintaining hygiene, cleaning, safety, etc. The kids can start with baking cookies.
This is because cookies do not require working on the stove, and it is comparatively safer for kids. Ask your kid to choose his/her favorite cookie recipe and then, prepare a list of things that you would require to make them. Once you are done with the list, take your kid to the supermarket to shop for the ingredients needed to make the cookies.
Allow your child to measure the ingredients, and mix them together. After the cookies are made, you can also indulge in some cookie decorating activities with your kid.

Adventure Sports

If you are looking for some fun and crazy ideas, trying a hand at adventure sports would be a good idea. However, remember that these should be tried only by older teenagers and also, only in the guidance of the parents.
Some cool adventure sports include scuba diving, white water river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. Undertaking a mountain biking trip, rock climbing, etc., with friends are also good ideas for teens.
Apart from these, some other activities that you can introduce your kids to, include learning to play an instrument, joining a fitness club, making a scrapbook, taking up a part-time job, taking part in a camp, etc.
So, this summer, you do not have to worry about your children getting bored, rather plan a few of the aforementioned activities for them. They will surely help in making the holidays happy, exciting, and fun-filled.