Things To Do on a Staycation

Who says you can't have fun at home? On the contrary, I say it's a mighty swell time to be at home, do nothing at all, and yet have a wonderful time. This article has some stay-at-home vacation ideas for you.
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017
Why should holidays be spent only traveling and sightseeing, when you can indulge in some fun activities in and around your home front. One of the best aspects of having a staycation is that you can indulge in all sorts of activities without worrying about what others have to say. After all, you are having fun at your expense in your backyard; why should someone else have the right to question you about the things you do? Here's an extensive list of ideas, for you to enjoy your staycation with your family and friends.
Backyard Fun

Some of my best memories as a kid have been, playing for hours together in the backyard; mostly with my cousins and a few friends. I vividly remember playing Hopscotch, House etc., during the vacations and I should say that they were indeed one of the best times of my life. Those days of loitering around in the sun, in addition to spending quality time with my family, posed as an opportunity to explore the surroundings to the fullest, as well as to learn something new on a daily basis. These ideas are definitely tried and tested ways of enjoying a stay-at-home vacation. The best part is, you can try something on a daily basis during the tenure of the vacation.
Go Carting
Kids on a Wagon
Ditch your car, use the cart and go sightseeing! Your children will surely have a gala time exploring the surrounding like this.
Go Raking
Raking autumn leaves
Take your shovels and rake the leaves around. It's a fun way to get your garden cleared while spending time together.
Sack Race
Sack Race
Invite your family and friends over and hop around in sacks! Beware though, this activity would make you squeal with laughter!
Treasure Hunt
Hide some goodies in places you would want your children to hunt, hand each one a map of the area and let them start searching. Go treasure hunting at the beach; it sure is more fun.
Chase Hens
Have a "farm time" chasing chickens and try to put them back into the coop. You can lend a helping hand to the local farmer if you manage to do so.
Have a Pool Day
Family Enjoying a Pool Day
Splashing about in the pool on a hot summer's day is a fantastic way to let your hair down and cool off simultaneously.
Family Day
Piggy back rides
Set time aside for your family; during this time, you can ask everyone to share their life experiences with the others, thus working on your bonding.
Tree House Fun
Family in Tree House
If you do not own a tree house, then rope in the family members to help build one. It's a serious fun activity when it's done together.
Star Gazing
Star Gazing with telescope
A cloudless night is definitely a good time to go star gazing. Better still, you can throw in some sheets and lie in your backyard and catch shooting stars.
Camp Fire
Family by Camp Fire
You can have sing-song and storytelling sessions, while roasting marshmallows sitting around a camp fire.
Indoor Fun
On days when it is too hot to venture outside, or when you simply aren't in the mood to go out and play, you can try out some of these indoor ideas and have a great time at home. Have you ever given a thought to the number of things that can be done just sitting at home? Take a look.
Have a Fashion Parade
Little Girl Making Up
Here's an idea; instead of actual clothes why not have a fancy parade of clothes made from paper, straw and whatever you can think of.
Groom Your Pet
Shih Tzu with Blue Rollers
During regular working days, we often neglect our pets; dedicate the vacation to pamper your pet. They would love some extra attention too!
Watch Movies Together
Watch Movies
Holidays are a good time to catch up on movies that you haven't been able to watch because of a hectic schedule. Gather together with your family, pop some corn and plop in front of the TV set.
Gaming Championships
Father and son playing video games
Own a gaming console? Then why not use it to have a gaming championship at home? Challenge your kids or friends to a game you are fond of.
Have a Girls/Boys Night Out
Friends Night Out
This is an ultimate idea to have fun at home, have a girls/boys night out and practically ban the others. Indulge in some pure fun time doing what you like best with your best buddies.
Pillow Fights
Family Pillow Fight
Pillow wars! You bash me, I bash you, we all bash each other. So much fun!!
Babysitting baby
If you are fond of children, volunteer to babysit for your friends. They would be thrilled with the idea of a vacation themselves.
Bake Gingerbread Houses
Making Gingerbread House
There's no right time for baking, just get your ingredients and ask your family to help out, and lo! You'll have a brewing family time.
Learn Something New
Girls strumming the guitar
You are never too old to learn something new; learn to play a guitar or a violin, a mouth organ or whatever your mind fancies.
Slumber Party
Friends Having Party In Pool
Think of the many things you can have at a slumber party: spa treatments, pool party, etc. Plan accordingly and have a gala time.
Creative Fun
If you can spend your holiday in a worthwhile manner, then there's nothing like it! Enroll for a hobby class, or conduct some yourself, visit fairs, or organize them; do what you like in your spare time, but do not let boredom get the best of you.
Organize Something Different
Rajasthan Puppet Show
Organize a puppet show in your backyard and get people hooked on to your storytelling ability. That would make sure everyone is entertained.
Paint Faces
Face Painting with Butterfly Design
Put a signboard that says, 'free face painting' and enjoy using faces as your canvas. Get the best of your creativity flowing.
Paint a Corner
Owl Painting
You may have been putting off painting a seemingly invisible corner for too long. Seize the opportunity and bring it to life.
Redecorate with Beads
Crochet cotton beads
If not paint, then use beads or any material that you like, to bring a hint of freshness to your house. Simply redo the arrangement of the furniture to while away time.
Blow Buggle Blow
Have a balloon blowing competition with the elders and then for fun, go and pop them in their face. I still have loads of fun popping balloons.
Pose for Snaps
Kissing baby for photo
Go clickety-click with the camera and shoot your family and surroundings. Do not forget to pose for snaps too!
Organize a Funfair
Family at Funfair
Want to do away with some stuff? Try organizing a fair; maybe someone else would be interested in purchasing antiques. Pay a visit to a local fair, you would land up having a fantastic time there.
Fly Kites
Kids Flying Kites
Make colorful kites for your family and friends, ask them to join in a kite fight. You wouldn't know how your day flies away along with your kite.
Unrestricted Fun
Vacations are fun times and doing things that make you happy will ensure you have a good time. Shopping, trekking, picnicking, sailing or simply loitering will definitely be worth a staycation.
Go for a Picnic
Family picnic
Fill in a goody basket and get going; find a cozy spot by the lakeside or place of your choice and have a day of fun running and skipping in fields and watch the hills come alive with you.
Visit an Orchard/Farm
Family at Orchard
If you live in city limits just like I do, I bet you must be awfully bored with the regular humdrum that follows. Hitchhike to a nearby orchard/farm and taste the rustic life; you would be rejuvenated to face the city music again.
Revamp the Garden
Revamp the Garden
Holidays are a nice time to tend to your garden. Plant some exotic flowering shrubs, revamp the look of the garden, decorate it with lights; so many options that you would have a tough time getting out of your gardening boots.
Catch Butterflies/Fireflies
Catching Butterflies
The ultimate childhood fun is to run around the garden catching butterflies during the day and fireflies during the dusk. The one with maximum butterflies is the winner.
Hop, Skip and Jump
Girls playing jumprope
Purchase a huge rope, get your family together and jump. It will give you a healthy workout as well and you won't have to worry a bit about putting on extra pounds.
Have a War
Tug of War
Tug of wars are an excellent idea of fun especially when you have your extended family visiting. Try letting go off the rope and watch what follows.
Play Local Detective
Snoop Around
Snoop around your locality pretending to be a local detective. Make secret pacts and solve mysteries. I bet it is so much fun doing this!
Play Games
Father swirling son
There are so many games that you can indulge in with your family. Have a gala time playing Dog and the Bone, Seven Tiles, Queen of Sheba etc., with your family and friends.
Shop Till You Drop
family members going for shopping
Now we get serious; go shopping with your family, friends, or whoever you are comfortable with. I do that so very often that I bet I burn large holes in everyone's pockets! (wink n smile)
Share a Meal
Girl around a pizzal
Why not spend an entire day with those less fortunate? You would make someone's day by spending some time and resources with them. You would even inculcate a few values in your children by doing so.
Here's all I have to offer for now, as my brains have stopped working temporarily, and I'm out of ideas for a family staycation. Those of you wishing to ditch your kids and have a romantic vacation with your spouse, you might want to try some romantic staycation ideas. Here's where I sign off, longing for a vacation of any kind for myself.